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Emery on defensive issues

by Koolkola

Arsenal’s defensive issues has lingered for a while. Despite Unai claiming to have improved the team defensively some weeks back, the team hasn’t looked it.

Being out shot by teams with lesser quality and struggling for clean sheets are issues that still needs to be dealt with.

Speaking ahead of the Leicester game, Emery talks about defensive improvement and how the team needs to show more solidity on the pitch.

“I think at home we are faring well but not with the performance as we will do for the next matches,” he said.

“Those two results, two draws, weren’t the best results also. Last year, those two teams also gave us a lot of problems at home and we took only one point against those two teams.

“But I was speaking with the players this week about how is our next step to improve. And it’s clear, there are two ways: play better with the ball, play with more confidence with our style, and take more responsibility on the pitch.

“My responsibility is the first but also I give them because they are on the pitch to take that responsibility to play better.

“And then is for our defensive structure to be strong and get better defensively is our first challenge tomorrow.

“Last year, we were looking for that improvement during the season and we achieved it in a lot of moments – and I know now we can do better and we will do better.”

“We are drawing the last matches, we can see those matches negatively because we didn’t win or positively because we didn’t lose,” he continued.

“We are in the balance, but we when you are a team like Arsenal we need to win more than draw or lose.”

Arsenal were out shot in their last game against Wolves at the Emirates. It will be interesting to see how the teams deal with a Leicester side that has scored 9 goals in one match this season.

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