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Fan of The Week : Chy Ugwudike @Haunter_

by SimonSEEZ


Welcome to our Fanzone page…A page totally dedicated to Gooners worldwide, as a culture at CanonCrested we are fans like you ansd would celebrate one gooner every week on this page…Here goes, meet our very first CanonCrested Arsenal Fan…and its a lady…we gender friendly yea???

Fan Profile

My name is Chy Ugwudike, I’m 25, a geology graduate from the University of Benin. Presently based in Jos. Love reading, looking for trouble and hanging out. My best food is Dodo and egg stew.

Q and A
         Q. When did you start supporting the club?
         A.   started in 2003.chy
         Q.   What attracted you to the club?
        A.   The style of play. It was mesmerising. I’ve always thought football was boring, watched arsenal play one day because I didn’t    have nothing else to do and was like wow. I’ve been dulling. And that’s how I fell in love. And also my five brothers all support Arsenal. Lol. They influenced me in a way too.
        Q. Favourite All time Arsenal player?
A. Igwe or better known as Henry. Lol..  And Eboue. Don’t even know why I love the latter.
        Q. Current Favourite Arsenal Player?
A. Koscielny
        Q. Worst Arsenal Signing?
A. Lmaooo too many but Squillaci tops them.
        Q. Ever watched a game live?
        A. In my dreams, Yes……In reality..Sadly None
        Q.  Are you an AKB  or WOB?
A. AKB. Wenger does no wrong in my eyes. I’m sorry.
       Q. Know any Arsenal Fan songs?
A. I know a few, I’ve like 7 I think but This
      And did those boots of Arsenal’s team
          Walk upon Highbury’s turf so green?
And did they play with great esteem
The best football we’ve ever seen?And with a cannon on our chest
We play with heart, mind, and zest
And we are proud to be Arsenal
In Victory Through Harmony
      Q.  Prefer to watch your games alone of in a crowd?
      A.  what’s football if the place ain’t rowdy.
      Q.  Prefer individual goals or team worked ones?
      A. Dont care. As long as we win.
      Q.  If you could relegate on team from the league, which one.
      A. Chelsea!!! Lmao
Thanks alot Chy, kindly follow her on twitter @HaunteR__

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