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Fan of the Week – Ndukwe Igwe @MyDearIgwe

by SimonSEEZ

Hello GoonerVille, we got a new Fan of The Week, this guy sure loves Vodka more than Arsenal, you would soon find out yourself . Maybe he is meant to be a fan of some Russian club, Zenith or CSKA Moscow or something…Top Gooner! extremely hilarious responses. Gooners really sure have the best sense of humour. Lets meet Igwe Ndukwe!!!


My name is Igwe Ndukwe, a financial officer and presently i live in lagos, Nigeria. I love Vodka, Soccer and meeting people (making new friends). I also have passion for photography and filmaking.

1.      When did you start supporting the club.

I started supporting the club in 1999 when Kanu joined Arsenal

2.      What attracted you to the club.                                                                                         

Oh my! The style of play. It is orgasmic. its more like football porn. when you watch Arsenal play, its like watching a movie; there is a storyline, the beginning, the middle and the end. the plot is always mesmerizing.

3.      Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player

This is a trick question. King Henry and the Legendary Dennis Bergkamp. (kindly make room for the two but if not, i’ll go with Thierry Daniel Henry.

4.      Who is your current favourite player in the team

My current favourite  Player is Koscielny. Dude is one of the most improved players. (forget the penalties he has caused).

5.      Your worst Arsenal signing.

Hahaha…. Scquilly baby. Sebastien Squillaci.

6.      Have you ever watched a game live?                                                           ig

 No. You guys should please make it happen. I plan to watch one soon tho. (loool, yea right!!!)

7.      If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

(what do you think of Tottenham?) SHIT. ( what do you think of shit) TOTTENHAM. LMAO. i’d love to see a Tottenham game and troll & ‘tension’ them a bit.

8.      Are you an AKB or WOB?

AKB!!! Wenger might be a bit tight fisted, but he certainly knows what he is doing which is the best.

9.      Do you know any Arsenal Fan songs? If you do which is your favourite?

OH YES!  I love the songs and chants that troll Tottenham. i love this the most;

                     When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother ‘what will I be?’
                      ‘Will I be Chelsea? will I be Spurs?’ Here’s what she said to me.
‘                     Wash your mouth out son! And get your father’s gun
                       And shoot the Tottenham scum! Que sera sera

10.  Do you prefer to watch your Arsenal games alone or with people.

Don’t much like some of the people that watch Arsenal these days. But always prefer the company of others. To be honest i love watching Arsenal matches alone, but i dont mind some company over Vodka.
11.  Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals.

 Team Goals. Oh wait! Individual goals. F**k it! i dont mind as long as we are scoring and winning. *sings*  we love the Arsenal….la la la.

12.  If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

Lmao. Hahaha. Evil grin* TOTTENHAM* i dont mind chelsea and Man utd, whats a league without some  competition, but as for Tottenham, cant stand them.


Thats Igwe for you. Hope you enjoyed his profile.. Give him a follow on @MrDearIgwe

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