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Fan of the week – Yemi Cole @MrsGiroud

by SimonSEEZ

New fan of the week and we have got the very pretty Yemi Cole popularly known to twitter folks as @MrsGiroud , fits the bill yea? Pretty girl bears name of our prettiest player ? The month of October is dedicated to all our lovely female Gooners and Yemi is up first.  We got her to answer a few questions, read her interesting responses beneath!!
1.      When did you start supporting the club.

2.      What attracted you to the club.

Robert Pires. I started watching Arsenal play because of him. Such a beauty. Before i knew it, i fell in love with the team. After the Victory against chelshit in wembly (2001/2002 FA Cup final) i pledged my allegiance. The goals (Ray & Freddie) where out of this world. I also have this thing for french guyz.(a few broken Nigerian hearts here…)

3.      Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player

Thierry Henry. Closely followed by Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams.      Miss Yemi
4.      Who is your current favourite player in the team

Aaron Ramsey. Close followed by Laurent Koscielny.
5.      Your worst Arsenal signing.

CY Park
6.      If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

Arsenal vs Manure
7.     Name your child after one Arsenal Player, who would it be?


8.      Do you know any Arsenal Fan songs? If you do which is your favourite.
          Dunno the title. Old tho.

9. Describe your relationship with Arsenal in one word. 


10.  Do you prefer to watch your Arsenal games alone or with people.

11.  Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals.

Team goal
12.  If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?


There you go…so you got any questions to ask @MrsGiroud ? Use our comment section beneath or give her a follow on twitter and interact!!! Thanks Yemi for gracing our page,

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