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Featured Arsenal Fan of the Week – Alfred Umasor @alf_redd

by SimonSEEZ

Another friday and another opportunity for us to meet a new Top Arsenal Fan, we would love to thank @emma_dele, our featured Arsenal fan for last week. Awesome experience that was an you can still find his responses and profile on the Fanzone page of the site.

So this week we meet Alfred Umasor @Alf_redd on twitter, top Gooner and has been supporting the club since 1996. So he has got some history behind him. Also, like me and @emma_dele from the previous week he is a Dennis Bergkamp worshipper. There seems to be a relationship amongst people that started watching Arsenal around the same period and the love for Dennis. Nice to know he is getting a statue at the Emirates soon. Anyways, back to Alfred,  we might need to start praying for him though as maybe he is taking the Arsenal loss to Bayern too seriously

  and for lack of a better option, maybe scared he wont wake up from the pills he goes


1. When did you start supporting the club?

    Started supporting Arsenal FC in the 96/97 season

2. What attracted you to the club?

     Dennis Bergkamp, who my elder brother made me love as he was a big fan of the Flying Dutchman.

3. Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player?

     Tough one, but it will have to be Dennis Bergkamp…sheer majesty!

Flying Dutchman
Calmness in Mid-Air

4. Who is your current favourite player in the team?


5. Your worst Arsenal signing?

      Haha them plenty o, from Cygan to Senderos to Luhzny…tie btw Squilacci and Silvestre for me.

6. If you could sign one player to join Arsenal who would it be? (no Messi or Ronaldo)

       Luis Suarez

7. If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

       Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich

8. Your all time worst Arsenal game?

      Worst or painful? Worst is definitely the 8-2 mauling but most painful was the 06 CL final.

9. Your all-time favourite Arsenal game?

      Hard to pick but I like to relive Chelsea vs Kanu at the bridge.


10. How would the league Table finish this season?
         Arsenal, Man city, Chelski, Liverpool

11. What would be a measure of success for you this season?

          Already a success for me cos it’s clear movement in the right direction, not as fast as we would love but eh, “slow motion is better than no motion”

12. Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals?

       Team worked goals

13. If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?


aaaaaandddd! That’s a wrap my friends. Hope you enjoyed it as much I did. So interact with Alfred on Twitter on @Alf_redd or if you drop a comment here, pretty sure he would respond.

Cheers friends! Have a great week. To grace this page , follow and interact with us on twitter @canoncrested


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