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Featured Arsenal Fan of the Week : Nosa Omoregie @nosaalways

by SimonSEEZ

Howdy Gooners, today we feature top celebrity, one of the latest instalments in Nigeria’s foremost music group, Chocolate City Group and Top Top  Arsenal fan, Nosa Omoregie who goes by the handle @nosaalways on twitter. There has to be a correlation between the biggest talents in Nigerian music and their love for Arsenal football club, Nosa, M.I Abaga, Banky W, Vector, Dare Art Alade and the list goes on and on…..I guess talent and class always find a way to meet each other in our hearts.

Nosa has got an awesome new album out in stores now  titled ‘Open Doors’ and its available on every possible media you can find music on and we have got links just beneath his responses. Always willing to interact on anything from music to football we found him extremely humble so we decided to ask him a few questions about his love for Arsenal. Since he spends all his time promoting his new album, how about we distract him a little and you would be surprised to find out what his pick if a Genie had offered him a chance to be a pro footballer or a musician.

Lets meet @nosaalways


Hails from Edo State, Nigeria. Identified his talent at a very young age, his love for music blossomed in the Church Choir which has hugely influenced his spirituality till date as his music seeks to inspire people. Devout Christian, Devout Arsenal Fan, Chocolate City signed artiste, Grammy winner in the making…

Album : Open Doors

1. When did you start supporting the club?
I started supporting Arsenal Fc in 1999

2. What attracted you to the club?
At first it was Kanu’s move to the club, then the style of play after Kanu’s departure.

3. Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player?
Hmmmm. Difficult one. Never really had a favourite. I loved Kanu, Suker, Bergkamp, Henry, Viera, Pires and Ljunberg a lot.

4. Who is your current favourite player in the team?
Laurent Koscielny

5. Your worst Arsenal signing?
Olivier Giroud

6. At what age did you decide to make music?
When I was in the University and I discovered I was good at it.

7. If a Genie asked you footballer or musician at that age which would you have picked?
Most definitely a……Footballer!

8. Pick an Arsenal player you would love to do a song with.
Lucas Podolski

Poldi Like A Rockstar

Poldi Like A Rockstar

9. If you could sign one player to join Arsenal who would it be? (no Messi or Ronaldo)
Luis Suarez

10. If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?
Manchester United

11. Your all-time favourite Arsenal game?

Arsenal vs Chelsea 99/2000 Season
Kanu Hattrick (Kan U Believe it)

12. How would the league Table finish this season?

Man City

Fulham and Cardiff relegated…
Cant say a third team…

14. What would be a measure of success for you this season?
Winning the FA Cup and gaining automatic qualification for the Champions League.

15. If your targets are not met would you give Wenger a new deal?

16. If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

17. In honour of #Wenger1000, pick your best 11 Arsenal team under Wenger.

Nosa #Wenger1000

Nosa #Wenger1000

There you go, that’s the most we could take for this session, hope you enjoyed it. So what are you waiting for, Gooners Support Gooners, get a copy of his album its available in stores all over Nigeria and on iTunes by CLICKING HERE . There is a Twitter session with Nosa using the #ASKNOSA at 8pm Nigerian Time tonight so you might want to join that to ask him any questions you feel we didn’t cover here or use the comments section beneath. Should be fun. For now we can leave you with his lovely video from hit single, I’ll always pray for you. Have a great day Gooners.

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