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Football Biographies, Naija Sport Shows and @Dozieben2 wins!

by SimonSEEZ

Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ

Not much going on, at least till we hear from the manager at his presser , we finally lost our first game since Villa; it was always going to happen at some point. I didn’t watch the game hence couldn’t do a review on the site sadly.

Was stuck in Lagostraffic, tried following the game on Nigerian radio stations……., will never try it again. NEVER!! First up was Brilla 88.9FM and I don’t how I am supposed to be listening to events in champions league games and the Presenter Murphy kept. shouting ‘HEEIII GAAA’ HEEEEIII GAAA’ with every phone call and then goes into a tirade of talk in Yoruba and loads of attempted Igbo, I had no idea what he was saying as I neither speak nor understand any of the languages but I knew even if I could understand the language it had nothing whatsoever to do with the games at least tactically.

Then I tried NaijaInfo 99.3FM, to be fair to them there was some talk about the game as well as others but they were covering a lot of games and also seemed to be more interested in selling some Heineken sponsored event than any serious match highlights. I gave up after that. We used to have stations that broadcasted real match commentaries from the BBC or TalkSport on Champions League nights. Whatever happened to them?

We dropped our first points in the Champions League to Dortmund and can’t you just feel them coming? The hawks, they are surrounding us, waiting to pounce! They have finally met quality oppositions at home and abroad and collapsed. They can’t wait to write that.  We have a tough set of games coming next and it’s important to perform optimally in all of them. To be fair to the critics, the games against top quality opposition would really give us an insight to how good we are. No apologies to Spurs, they don’t fall in this category.


I finally caught the second half of the game on some rerun and it didn’t seem like we were completely overplayed. We were caught on the break at a point in the game when we were really pressing for a winner with Sagna out of position for the goal.  Can’t really blame the team for going forward, this team is used to winning and that’s what they were going for. It should have been Wengers job to cut them back, securing a point against Dortmund would have not been the worst thing. We would have been on 7points and Dortmund on 4pts. That would have been a healthy position to be in heading to Dortmund. Guess I am speaking with hindsight but Wenger is experienced in this competition and sometimes a point in hand considering our opposition is really worth more than 3 in the air.

Seems it’s writing a book season, good old ‘arry has got one and now all the buzz is about Sir Alexs’ autobiography. I have never been keen on autobiographies by sports people or books by them of any kind. They always seem to purely a media event without any real base to them. I haven’t read Fergusons book, don’t think I will purely because it’s exactly what I think sport bios are. Books filled with punch lines and solely focused on unveiling details about spats with previous colleagues or players, even if I wanted to read the book is there something in it that I don’t already know since all the headlines have been filled with its contents?

siralex Sir Alex is an amazing manager, his record and brilliance will definitely way outlive him. My concern is when someone picks a Fergie book in 30years time what would they want to read, wouldn’t it be more about the real inner workings of such an outstanding mind and his take on real football issues like how to make a successful team, his take on patience with coaches in the game, the pressure of being a top quality coach and the influence on money on football etc. I would love to read Sir Alexs’ opinion on all these rather than on how he kicked a boot at Beckham or his spat with Roy Keane.

Take Redknapps book for instance, almost everything he said in it has been trashed by the people he made reference to in it. Read this awesome piece on the subject by Rory Smith on ESPN : Don’t blame Redknapp, he’s just acting like everyone else in football.  

But Arsenal demi god, the one whose grace will forever be resident in the hearts of every true Gooner, Dennis Bergkamp contacted excellent football writer David Winner to do a book on him titled Stillness and Speed, and he didn’t just get Dennis’ opinion on this book about Dennis, he sought the opinion of his former colleagues and managers to also give their opinions. The reviews have been awesome and I have ordered mine and also ordered one for @Dozieben2 .  CanonCrested  is less than 3 months old and this top gooner has been supporting us from the very beginning, plays our CanonCrested Prediction league game, retweets our every post and was the first to subscribe to our mailing list. We might be young but we know how to say thank you and that’s what we are saying to Dozie today. Thank you for supporting and we would contact you on how to get your book across to you.


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