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Disclaimer: if you don’t speak sarcasm, you hit the wrong link and therefore are on a wrong page.
We have suffered. Gooners around the world, we have suffered. The ones in my country, Nigeria, can’t get a break. Since football was invented,2005, their favourite team has won nothing. They have been teased from every corner and in every manner. From the ‘your-team-cant-win-a-teacup gibe’ to the more graphic empty trophy cabinet pictures.
empty trophy
The more insecure of them question why they indeed are Gooners. What was the attraction to support Arsenal. How could they be proud of supporting a football club that has won nothing since the inception of football? So, they walk around with a dejected look permanently on their faces unable to put up responses to banter from supporters of more successful clubs like Wigan, Spurs, Birmingham, Man City, etc, you know, the clubs that have actually won a trophy(since the inception of football) and hence are enjoying success. The mockery of 4th place being our only trophy gets old but never dies.
All we need is our beloved Arsenal to deliver us from this unsavoury plight. Win one damn trophy, if only, so we have something to look at in our bare trophy cabinet because looking at the things we won before football started is so exhausting. The 13 league titles, 10 FA Cups, 2 league cups, 12 Community Shields, 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup now bore us. We would rather have won one thing in the last 8 years than have such successful history only bettered by Manchester Utd’s and Liverpool’s. Infact, we would rather be Spurs. Sorry, I meant Wigan, FA Cup holders and currently the alpha male in the league… Idiots!!
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