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Forget the Draws, Enjoy Arsenal now!

by SimonSEEZ

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Top of the day Gooners!

Great week yea? Ok, maybe not so great due to the result on Wednesday right? Let me tell you a story. You see, I knew very early in my life that I wasn’t going to make it as a footballer, in Secondary School or High School dependent on which country you are in, when I went to the field to join my friends to play football I was always one of the last selected when the huge Captains were making their teams not because I wasn’t skillful (I had excellent ball movement on my left foot) but rather because I was one of the smallest physically in my set and being small meant your chances to play in front and defence were limited because in their eyes you had to be huge to play there. (damm them to hell) anyways, my love for the game never died hence I moved to sport reporting for the Press Club and that’s how I met Arsenal.

I didn’t make a career out of sports reporting either and now I know why, I take too long to recover from a loss. I tried yesterday the words failed me, after a loss I can’t even read football blogs or listen to podcasts of any kind, why make myself any worse. If I had to earn a living off writing I would get fired every time I couldn’t submit my match report any weekend Arsenal lost, hence my future in sports reporting would have been tied to Arsenal’s weekend performances and considering our drought we can all agree I would have been pretty very jobless right?

I just used two paragraphs to explain why I couldn’t write a review of the Napoli game, has to be one of two extremes some genius writing or really poor sense of appreciating your readers. I’ll take my chances and not delete everything maybe one person would find it interesting.

The game and whole night turned out a whole lot tougher than I assumed it would be, if you read my preview I assumed we would be a lot more comfortable in Naples and would be good enough to get a draw that would see us qualify top and Marseille would crumble to the might of Dortmund, turned out completely different in the end the closest we came to the top of the group was Marseille holding Dortmund to a draw until the 87th minute and we were behind by a goal. When Dortmund scored and Napoli got their second I had gone to shreds mentally, crashing out wasn’t an option I had even considered, luckily it was with the last kick of the game.

In the end it was fair to say we deserved to go through escaping by not conceding one more goal. How many times have we ourselves suffered by the one goal margin. Remember AC Milan, we needed just one more to make it all square and the momentum was with us and playing at home you can bet we would have qualified for the next round in 2012. Last year how many goals did we need again to qualify? Just one, after suffering a 3-1 loss at home we went to Munich and won 2-0 losing on away goals rule to the eventual champions so I guess fate was kind to us last night and made someone else feel the pain of crashing out by the odd goal.


Don't cry for me Don Gon-zaaa-loooow!!!

Don’t cry for me Don Gon-zaaa-loooow!!!

In the end not many people, Arsenal fans inclusive thought we would make it out of the group and it’s a testament of the quality that was in this group that the top 3 teams ended with equal points when Zenit could make it through with just half the number of points (6). No need to worry about tomorrows problems today so till we play our next game irrespective of whomever it is against I’ll very well enjoy that we are still in it. Did I say anything about not worrying about tomorrow’s problems? There sure is one tomorrow, Man City and going by their home form that sure is some test for us and how well we have recovered from being hackled by Napoli all night. Why am I beginning to write a preview for a game tomorrow when I can very well write one tomorrow? Damm!! I have to make up my mind about this whole not worrying or actually worrying about tomorrow’s problems.

Damm!! I should just delete this whole damm post.

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