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Freddie points out one area the team must improve

by Koolkola

Ljungberg spoke about the team’s defensive transitions after the game against Norwich City. In his first pre-match presser since taking over as interim, the Swede has once again hammered on how the team must improve on its transitions.

Speaking to the media, he said:”Of course there’s a lot of reflection after a game, I’ve watched it twice now.

“The general feeling is probably the same as I had after the match, we started extremely well, played very well offensively but had a problem transition-wise so they got shots on target and chances just from the transition of an eight-yard sprint, which we need to stop.

“So that’s something we will focus on. Other things is that my feeling that we got in behind their midfield and behind their backline a lot, has been backed up by data within the club, which we have been sky rocketed up to be one of the top teams in the league to get into the pockets and behind them.

“That feels very good that it has been backed up by the data and the feeling I had after the game, and of course we will try to keep on doing that. My feeling was that I wanted to win the game, very disappointed not to win it, but if we play a transition game like we did, we won’t win any games, so that’s something that I can coach and try to improve.

Freddie also spoke about the level of threat he thinks Brighton can pose.

“Yes, I watched them a little bit, they look good, they change formations a lot, so we will see what they come with. They try to play out,  defend well, they look very organised but for me we need to concentrate on our own game.

“We play at home so I take into account how I think they will play but I have to develop the gameplan how we want to play football and that’s what I try to concentrate on.

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