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Freddie – The club needs to make a decision

by Koolkola

Interim manager Freddie Ljungberg has urged the club to make a decision on the managerial situation at Arsenal. The Swede took over from Unai Emery with no coaching team in place as the Spaniard left with his 5-man team.

Freddie has been assisted by Per since he took over, while Per also doubles as the academy coach.

After the loss to Manchester City, the interim coach has urged the board to make a quick decision on the current situation.

“I think, as I’ve said to the club, it’s a great, great honour to do this. Of course Per is the academy manager and he’s doing two jobs in one go. I think it needs clearing up to make a decision so that everybody knows.

“That’s something I’ve said. It’s totally up to the club. I’m very honoured and trying to do things as well as I can, but I think that it would be good to make a decision regardless of what it is.

Speaking on the team winning one in the last eleven games, he said.

“It’s not where we want to be to have won one game in 11. We all need to look in the mirror. For me, I felt the West Ham game was a big step in the right direction.

“I haven’t seen that in our team for a long time, where we were much better than opponents and playing such good football that we could’ve been 5-1 up. Today we played a top, top side and they are better than us. That’s a fact and I don’t think anyone thought that wasn’t the case.


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