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Friday Night Live : Arsenal vs Coventry #FACup

by SimonSEEZ

Friday nights are more known for late night drinking, club hopping and all the other delinquencies we all engage in to end a working or school week whichever the case may be but not really watching Football.  The FA for all its talk about being the custodians of tradition and the FA Cup is a product being sold to all of us as the world’s oldest cup competition you would think they would not bow to the pressure of Television and how it has affected football scheduling but it just goes to show how the real people that bring the real footballing experience (players and fans) are the ones that least matter these days. Football is run by TV Companies, betting houses, politicians and oil rich businessmen and they come together to influence decisions like the one that is making us play on a Friday.

Last time we played on a Friday was in April 2004 when we beat Leeds 5-0 and the last time we played Coventry we beat them 6-1 which is another version of a 5-0 victory so I guess we would be well in our rights to expect a similar range of result at this game or maybe I am just trying to force a sequence of 5-0 victories here. Oh well, if anyone chooses to predict or bet based on my analogy and you win make sure you give me credits for guiding you else I’ll hunt you for the rest of your days…

Our last encounter against Coventry was in September 2012 and it’s memorable as Giroud opened his Arsenal account on that night. Looking at the team that started that game goes to show you the amount of clear out that was done by the club last summer


  • 36 Martinez                           – Out
  • 11 Santos                                – Out
  • 20 Djourou                            – Out
  • 38 Angha                                – Out
  • 54 Miquel                               – Out
  • 14 Walcott                             – Regular
  • 15 Oxlade-Chamberlain (Gnabry – 72′ ) – Regulars
  • 22 Coquelin                         – Out   (Frimpong – 72′ ) – Surplus to requirements
  • 23 Arshavin                         – Out
  • 64 Yennaris                         – Out
  • 12 Giroud  – Regulars       (Chamakh – 72′ )  – Out

From all the players that started that game only 4 players (Walcott, Oxlade , Giroud and Serge) are still regulars with the club currently. Arsene says the fact we play on Friday gives us an extra days rest as all the other teams play on Saturday and Sunday hence he would be fielding regular first team players for this game.

Ignasi Miguel vs Coventry

Ignasi Miguel vs Coventry

Bendtner is back, trust me a few months ago this sentence wouldn’t have started like it did but I guess that is the state of affairs of the club now but TGSTEL seems to be warming his way back to our hearts. I guess he starts and Giroud gets a rest. Rosicky, Arteta and Ramsey are also out of this encounter. I’ll be very interested in seeing what the manager does with Podolski as we would expect that he starts this game either through the middle ahead of Bendtner or on the left side of attack.  At the back we can also expect TV5 to feature and Fabianksi will keep his place as our cup keeper.

The Coventry manager Pressley sure isn’t seeing this as a tourist attraction and he intends to cause an upset. Wenger however is fully aware of this hence he intends to use a first team squad to execute the encounter. Speaking before the game to BBC Sport Pressley said

“I would not ask my team to turn up on Friday night if I didn’t think they had a chance to win the game,” “We’re not there just to have a good night and take pictures of the ground.”This is not about having a great experience. It’s about trying to get a result.

I can guarantee he will get a result and I can also guarantee that the result will not be favourable to him.  Coventry would have about 5000 fans at our ground tomorrow and that’s more than the number of fans that get to watch their home games now since they moved to another ground outside their city. Just a classic example of what happens when a football club is mismanaged by greedy owners. When you read stories of clubs like Coventry, Birmingham, Leeds United, Wolves, Portsmouth, BlackBurn etc you really tend to appreciate having the guys that manage Arsenal football club around.

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 That’s pretty much all for today and even though the opposition is lower league it’s still a football match so we can expect the manager to treat it with all the seriousness it deserves especially considering the manner we crashed out of cup competitions last year. A video of all the goals from the last encounter is on the featured videos section of our homepage if you would like to relive the experience.

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Have an awesome awesome weekend friends. 

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