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Home is where my THIERRY is!

by SimonSEEZ

‘Nothing is clear (concerning my future).’I have not taken any decision and speculation is not my thing. One thing is certain: I will stay in football, as a coach, a consultant or executive. We will see.’The second certainty is that I would love to see Arsenal win the Champions League.’Whether that is from near or far does not depend on me but it is sure I’d like to help.

‘This is my club and, as a player, I was not able to give them the Champions League.’

-Thierry Henry-

Legend of a man! In an era were the term is used with reckless abandon, Thierry completely embodies everything that the real creators of the word Legend meant it to be and as he draws to a close his footballing career it is only fitting that he returns to the place where his legendary status was born.

Usually with the transfer window, once a player links himself with Arsenal we all know that effectively rules the player out of joining the club. Henry though doesn’t fall in that category and even Wenger has spoken of his desire to have him return to the club.

Not many players are as adored as Thierry Henry, as a player, as a fan, as a pundit and as a man, Arsenal fans are taken in awe of this man and it’s only fitting that now it seems he has put an end to his playing days, that he should join the club in whatever capacity him and the club deem fit.

Arsene Wenger built an amazing Arsenal team that comprised of leaders all over the place, outstanding players technically and physically. We have all read several comments on how teams would come to Highbury and the mere sight of the how physically imposing the Arsenal team were would make them lose  the game mentally, coupled with the technical ability of players like Henry, Pires, Ljunberg, Bergkamp, Kanu etc games were won before kick off.

For a man who doesn’t change much, Arsene’s decision to switch to less physically imposing but technically gifted players has been touted as one of the reasons for the clubs trophy drought and susceptibility to injuries. Generally, the mental toughness that was synonymous with Arsenal sides of old have all but disappeared. For years, we did not have a lot of players who had won anything with the club, and while this was remedied with the FA Cup victory, the team doesn’t seem to have built any courage on the back of that success. Having Thierry around would be a living reminder of what it means to be successful at Arsenal.

The truth however is football is now a completely professional sport and while fans still hang on to the idea of having cult heroes, players first and foremost look out for their own personal best interest. This might be financial or a hunt for trophies but deep down in every player they really would love be what Thierry is to Arsenal. A human being that completely symbolizes the lost connection between a club as a business enterprise, its fans as its live wire and the players that bring the glory.

To have Thierry working at Arsenal with his statue outside the Emirates stadium will be more than an inspiration for players to attain the level of success that he has. In an era when football is extremely technical and there is a lot more to being a successful coach than having an outstanding playing career, Thierry would have to take his next decisions carefully.

However, I’m sure many fans would prefer Henry plays a more hands on role at the club rather than an ambassadorial one. The club is currently lacking any real football brains in its top hierarchy, can Henry fill that void? A voice that can echo the thoughts of the fans when those big decisions about the direction of the club are being made?  A Director of Football role possibly? He could work closely with Wenger in a David Dein fashion, attract quality players to the club with his incredible CV and impeccable media skills.

How about a more Patrick Viera like role at Man City, we currently have Andries Jonker who was recently recruited to do a job in that reserve team. Andries has a lot of experience working with youth setups and Henry working that department, learning his ropes and inspiring our next generation of talent might be the proper thing to do.

With everything in football now open to interpretation and opinion sells more than facts, a stint outside the media limelight, quietly learning the ropes might not be a bad idea. The worst thing that could happen is for Henry to lead the Arsenal First Team unprepared for the role and have the same fans who have adored him over the years boo him over a few losses. My heart has suffered a lot of emotional damage by Arsenal, and having fans boo a man who has a statue outside the ground would be heart shattering.

We already have too many Arsenal legends performing roles outside Arsenal, Bergkamp might have been Ajax raised but it wouldn’t hurt to have that level of intelligence at London Colney, Viera at City, Tony Adams in his media role etc. Willy Sagnol has been rumored to have offered Henry a coaching role at Bordeaux, we really cannot afford to have Henry anywhere else.  Come Home Thierry!!

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