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How does Wenger Sleep at Night???

by SimonSEEZ

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No, this is not a question that I expect Mrs. Wenger to answer, naaa trust me I called to ask her, its not a blog post on whether he snores, sleep walks or whether he sleeps in PJs or boxer shorts …this article has nothing to do with such things…its his state of mind. Does he go to bed after a loss to Villa on the opening day of the season, booed by your own fans in your home ground with an awesome blood pressure, does he wake up at hours during the night to ponder on what went wrong and the only time he can go back to sleep is when he has found a solution to the problem or at least convinced himself he would make all the effort to find it, because that’s what happens to me when I have issues at work..I CANT FUCKING SLEEP!!!!

On Saturday I wrote the AFC vs Villa Preview pumped up, yes we had not signed anyone but if you are a fan and you are not excited about the first competitive game your team is going to play in 3months at the start of a new season then you are no fan. Signings or not!! I predicted a 3-1 scoreline. Where I got it wrong was I didn’t know it would be against us.  I couldn’t sleep, I could not fucking sleep. To be honest, my wifes cousins where meant to come over for dinner and I asked her to cancel as I was so pissed I wasn’t in the mood to have anyone over who would come eat my food, enjoy the comfort of my home and give me grief with nonstop jibes at Arsenal. It’s one thing to have banter on twitter , but it’s a completely different thing when you have to host someone who would give you nonstop banter on your money. Luckily I married someone smarter than me and she didn’t cancel, it turned out ok. Not like it matters to any of you but back to why I couldn’t FUCKING SLEEP and my wonder on HOW WENGER FUCKING SLEEPS!!

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You see am worried about Arsenal, I love this club, I really do and to watch it continually get slaughtered by every Tom, Dick and  Harry who has a mic to his mouth and a hand on twitter is heart wrenching. To make matters worse, when most of what is being said out there even in bad taste is true makes it feel like someone is piercing a blunt knife through my ribs, spinning it in deep till it gets to my heart. Our problems are public knowledge and everyone seems to have a solution to it but the people who actually manage the club. Kroenke, Gazidis, Dick Law and Wenger have among themselves completely mismanaged this transfer window. This was our season of redemption, the year we finally had the muscle to compete with anyone and early signals from the club gave us more reason to hope. How we are in this state with almost 8 players in our already fragile team injured or unavailable for the next game goes beyond human comprehension. Then again I might be wrong considering our club is run by humans and surely they must be able to comprehend what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it so I can FUCKING SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!

Everyone knows we need signings, Wenger keeps telling us the club is making concerted effort to bring in players and that we have a lot of time to do before the season ends. We can blame the referee all we want for the loss and yes he was fucking shit but we cannot completely absolve the manager from blame. Artertas absence was more evident than the sun rising, the calm he brings to the back four with his intelligence and passing is matched by no other in the current team and isn’t that the problem? We should have more players who can bring the same or at least close to the same effect when he doesn’t play. Why we haven’t signed a DM defeats all reasoning, Agbonlahor and Wiemann threw parties in that midfield, trust me if Mikel was on the pitch Koscienly won’t be in the position where he got the second yellow from even though that was one of the most wrongful sending offs we might ever live to see. Why haven’t we signed anyone there? Our chase for Suarez did it really blind everyone at the club to other positions that need strengthening?  It didn’t blind me, neither did it blind thousands of fans who have kept asking the same question since the window opened, how people at the club would be blind to it beats me… OH, they actually aint. We did put in a bid for Lars Bender and the bid was rejected, of course his club has a right to reject our bid, what you do is you go back with an improved bid or you go find a player who is just as good and available. Do you know what’s worse? ………..Wenger actually knows we need someone in that position, he actually put in a bid and lost and then leaves the position unattended to and then goes to FUCKING SLEEP!!!!

I love Wenger, there is no Arsenal fan on earth who doesn’t want him to be successful but Wenger is suffering from his own past successes, he made us used to a style of football that became a brand associated with Arsenal but recently even that is gone. Wenger wields so much power at the club it seems he is unanswerable to anyone. There is talk of the club offering him a new contract; does he deserve it based on performances in the past year? Hell No..The fan base is so divided, AKB, WOB, BLACKSCARF , AST etc etc  we all have names to define us now rather than just being GOONERS!! Trust me, I struggle to find which of these groups I am aligned to which is part of the reason I can’t sleep. How does Wenger do it? Then it hit me, if I earned 7.5m pounds a year and I had boss who I produce excellent return on investments financially for and a CEO who I am not answerable to, would the boos of disgruntled fans be enough to keep me awake at night??

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Thanks alot. Appreciate the feedback

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