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If Ramsey doesn’t inspire you nothing else will!!

by SimonSEEZ

Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living

Jose N Harris

Found that quote while surfing the Internet just after the Arsenal victory over Liverpool last weekend and it stuck. You see, football is a game, actually for most of us its more than a game, it’s a culture, some sort of religion, the stadium is the place of worship, doesn’t matter whether you worship live or you join the online audience as long as you are keyed in every weekend.

Football brings out so much emotions, the joys of victory, the pains of defeat, the contentment with your team putting out a sterling effort and sometimes utter disgust at what you have just spent 90 minutes of your life watching, but however if you look really hard sometimes you would see more than just these emotions that are score related, it’s there but not all see it or can relate to it, sometimes you watch the game and you find inspiration and I don’t mean the inspiration it gives football bloggers to write a review after a game rather inspiration to get a grip of your life, show some grit and go conquer all that is in front of you.

Still don’t believe it? Please follow my train of thought, Aaron Ramsey, his stats are amazing thus far, leads the league in the number of tackles made (40), joint second in number of assists this season (4), and six goals in the premier league from midfield, all this show you what an outstanding player he is but you only have to look a little behind to see what kind of player he used to be. On 27 February 2010, Arsenal played Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium, where a tackle by Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross caused a double fracture in Ramsey’s lower right leg, and it was later confirmed that he had broken his tibia and fibula, No return date was initially given.


It’s not easy to tell a grown man who has suffered a huge disappointment in life that he would get back up, try explaining that to a 19 year old who is fulfilling his life time dream of being a world class premier league footballer and has just suffered a career threatening injury with no initial return date given, trust me at 19years the biggest disappointment some of us have felt is being jilted by a girl friend. For Aaron to come back from that in itself was some really inspiring thing, to come back from a broken fibula and lead the league in number of tackles made thus far is beyond inspirational, ask Eduardo and how he jumped at every tackle that came his way when he recovered from his injury and he finally had to quit English football.

Lesson Learnt: It’s not in how many times you fall that shows your weakness, it’s how many times you fail to get back up

You would think just coming back would make the fans love him, but after the initial joy of seeing him play again waned he became one of the most maligned players in the team, it seemed the whole pain of seeing Fabregas leave was transferred to him, he wasn’t as skilled, held the ball too much, gave the ball away just as much, was indecisive in front of goal and all he had was work rate. Abused during games and on social media, still Ramsey would never hide on the pitch always ready to make himself available irrespective of the abuse. Stripped of his Welsh captaincy and being played in various midfield positions and even as right full back at times didn’t help his cause but the manager insisted it was part of his education. Please read the text highlighted in blue again and think of Ramsey today, complete reverse and still has his work rate.

Lesson Learnt: All you need is believe in yourself, stick to the principles of success and it’s only a matter of time, it will come.

As good as Ramsey is today, its full credit to the believe Wenger has shown in him. Wenger is just as popular for spotting talent as he is for molding and nurturing young players to full blown stars, it’s no wonder many of the players at the club see him as more than a coach but as a father figure. Wenger stuck with his midfield talent, trusting the ability that he knows is embedded in Aaron, polishing this Diamond, patiently and studiously knowing that a time will come when the whole world will see the fruit of his work and boy are we seeing it now or what. How many of us in Wenger shoes two seasons ago would have kept Ramsey in the team if we had the choice, hands in the air, I wouldn’t have and that is why I write about football rather than play or coach.

Lesson Learnt: Always be in the company of people who believe in your talent, people who can add to your talent and the real you will shine through.

Aaron is showing his talent now and at his age he can only get better, fully recovered from his injury there is only one way he can go if he keeps his head on the ground and what better club is there in the world to learn that but at Arsenal. If he needs to set himself targets he can look across London and see Frank Lampard’s stats for Chelsea over his career there , double figures almost every season in number of goals scored and Aaron is even a better tackler at this age. So next time you go to a game or watch on TV, don’t look only for goals and highs, look real hard and you would find that inspiration you need to get a grip of life, show amazing believe in your abilities and take life on like a real GOONER that you are!!!

Have a great day Gooners, we trust our boys to get a great result today at Dortmund!!


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