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Let me tell you a story……..

by SimonSEEZ

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I want to tell you a story and at the end i’d love to know if it was a good story.

I’ve got this friend. He, like me, is a disciple. One whose purpose in this world is to spread the word of Arsenal. At some point I couldn’t tell who loved the club more(I say ‘at some point’ cos now it is very clear I love Arsenal more). Then, we’d laugh at anybody that invited us to an occasion that was fixed on a Saturday when Arsenal played. Jokers. We’d marvel at their laziness, couldn’t they check the fixtures first and fix their event on a date Arsenal wasn’t billed to play?

My friend and I would sit laughing hysterically at our then girlfriends who thought Saturdays  were made for them and us for bonding or some other crazy shit. Have you heard of anything that ridiculous? Where would we put arsenal then, missy?

We had a plan, my friend and I, nothing was going to come between Arsenal and us. Our fraternity would be forever young. We felt way ahead of our time.
And then it happened!!
The day I dreaded the most.

My friend got married. Everything changed. He stopped loving Arsenal, even though he’s still in denial about that fact. He started going to see shows and movies on Arsenal day. I would call to ask where we would see the game but he’ll say he was at an event with his wife. My friend lost the plot. I had to remain sane for the both of us. I could barely hold on when he did the unthinkable; he got his wife pregnant and they brought a lovely kid into this world.

My friend missed even more games but felt no remorse. He never felt compelled to apologise for this betrayal. Like it was something normal to start your own family and forget the Arsenal family. He looked at me with disgust every time I made an issue out of it. Are you kidding me? You’re the one who’d rather chill with your family than watch Arsenal play and I’m the abnormal one? Human beings, I’ll never get them.

Anyways, Arsenal are on an amazing run now. 12 consecutive away wins, top of the league with a threadbare squad. A truly remarkable achievement. We’ve signed an amazing footballer and everything in the world at the moment tastes sweet. I’m enjoying every bit of now but I hope my friend doesn’t. Traitors shouldn’t enjoy our current success. Go and enjoy your wife and kid…
Now tell me, was that a good story?
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