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Lullaby, English Woes and Cool Arsenal Fixtures Wallpaper

by SimonSEEZ

Hello World!!!

Anybody home? *silence*

Anybody?? Somebody?? Everybody???

Damm, it’s been so long I wrote I believe even the staunchest readers of the blog would have stopped visiting. Honestly, I was burnt out, suffering from a huge mental block, I really couldn’t wait for the season to end so I could take a break. It was so bad I could not even bring myself to write after the FA Cup win. Our first cup in 9 years!!!

Forgive me if you visited the site for a review of the game or for some post season review, the mind was willing but the brain and body couldn’t muster it. The site will be one year in August so I guess it’s all part of the learning experience.

You see this whole thing running an Arsenal blog is not as easy as the guys at Arseblog make it out to be, how Andrew puts out quality stuff on a daily has to be Nobel Prize worthy. This whole stuff takes a toll on even your family and the Mrs. made certain that all the time I took on the computer when she had to tend to the kid alone was recouped during this period the league is taking a rest.

For instance, I don’t have a problem putting my kid to sleep but the problem was the kind of lullaby’s I sing to do it. The songs that are quick to my head are Arsenal or football related so you I  sing stuff like…

49, 49 undefeated

49, 49 I say..

49, 49 undefeated…

Playing football the Arsenal way….

 Obviously the Mrs. had a problem with this song and it meant you have to rock the kid faster than normal as it wasn’t particularly a song with a slow tune…so she brought up one of the most popular nursery rhymes …’Who sat and watched my infant head’ ..Problem yet again was I couldn’t particularly remember the words to it so I converted it..

Who sat and watched Mourinho’s head

When sleeping on his trophyless bed,

He’s so depressed, he wets his beeeed!!!

Bus Parker!


He’s such a cunt he doesn’t know

He spends and moans and moans some more

He parks the bus and blames the reeeeffff

Bus Parker!

Certainly this didn’t fly either so I had to resort to buying a CD with nursery rhymes.

Anyways, enough of all this stuff, pretty certain you didn’t come here to read about how I send my kid to bed. Not much has gone down Arsenal related, obviously we are the FA Cup winners for both male and female competition, the manager has signed a new contract and we are yet to sign anyone even though we have been linked with almost every player on the earth’s surface.

Have you noticed how Arsenal gets linked with players from every world cup game? It’s almost like editors get together after every match day and decide  who can we all link with Arsenal. There is a general feeling that Wenger and Arsenal have a huge apathy to player signings and the fact that Wenger currently is in Brazil makes it even more believable as they can all go with ‘players agents are meeting with Wenger in Brazil’


1Brazil vs CroatiaHulk
2Chile vs AustraliaAlexis Sanchez
3Mexico vs CamerounAlex Song
4Spain vs NetherlandDe Jong, Casillas
5Uruguay vs Costa RicaJoel Campbell (loan return)
6England vs ItalyMario Balotelli
7Ivory Coast vs JapanSerge Aurier, Wilfred Bony
8France vs HondurasBenzema, Remy, Griezmann
9Argentina vs BosniaDi Maria, Messi (lol)
10Iran vs Nigeria……………………………..well??
11Germany vs PortugalSami Khedira
12Belgium vs AlgeriaVermaelen out?
13Brazil vs MexicoOchoa – (Mexican goalie)

The Ochoa story really was shocking, it was barely 10hrs after his spectacular performance against Brazil and we had ‘Arsenal strongly linked with Ochoa’. Seriously, you don’t even go with linked, you use ‘strongly’ linked….phew! These folks can’t be helped.

Everyone knows where we need strengthening, we hope the club builds on the positive energy that has been generated from the FA Cup win to really go all out and get in the players we need to compete in all four competitions this season.

Writing this as Costa Rica just sent England out of the World Cup before they even play them. That is how bad this world cup has been for England. For many this world cup was to be the learning ground for the English with the aim of building a team that can put up a performance at the Euros. What ‘put up a performance means’ is what is relative especially considering the overall target is to win the World Cup in 2022 according to FA Boss, Mr. Greg Dyke.

I like men with big ideas, they might be wrong but something just attracts me to someone who has a huge idea. Greg Dyke falls into that category, every time I hear him he has a very broad view of what the problems of English football and he is not scared to share whatever huge opinion he has of how to fix it. From his idea to make the English team stronger by clubs having ‘B Teams’  in lower leagues and clearly setting a target of England winning the World Cup in Qatar, even if you don’t agree with the man, you have got to admire his courage. He partially absolved Roy Hodgson of blame for England crashing out this early

“We don’t see any value in changing Roy. We think he’s done a good job, it’s an approach over four years and we hope to do better in the European Championships.“We know we’ve a problem, that there are not as many English players playing in the Premier League, or even the Championship, now as there used to be, therefore the choice is less. – Dyke

Is there a correlation between the Spanish and English departures from the World Cup early and their leagues been the most competitive? Players have had a long, extremely tough season and really are not at optimum levels for this competition? I don’t think there, but in stark irony, the Spanish crashed out as most of their players have peaked and at the age when they should be handing over while the English went with a young side and also crashed out.

For the Spanish, it’s almost impossible to fathom how awful they were and Lord knows I enjoyed seeing them crash. Aside from the fact I find their slow passing game extremely boring, the whole Cesc Fabregas going to Chelsea has made my dislike for them even stronger. Not that the whole of Spain shipped him to Chelsea, but a man has got to find where to pour his hatred and the Spanish can have all of mine for now.


Remember this? Where is your Barca DNA now.. ?

Remember this? Where is your Barca DNA now.. ?

For Cazorla, now they have crashed out I guess he has time to really think of his future if media reports linking him with Athletico Madrid are true.  I find it really hard to believe, aside from the fact that he just signed a contract extension, when Cazorla came to Arsenal he stated he had a chat with Cesc who encouraged him to join. Cazorla would have been aware of Cesc coming to Arsenal rumours, if he wanted out and knew there was a chance we could sign Cesc, wouldn’t he inform the manager early so getting Cesc in would make his departure smoother? Considering they are both attacking midfielders. I know players think of themselves alone but really if I were in his shoes that is exactly what I would do if I wanted out. Oh well..guess we’ll see how that plays out.

The league fixtures have been released and we made a cool wallpaper for you so dependent on your device, select the size that suits you. We put in some work to make sure it comes out nice so hope you love it. Remember to share it with everyone you know, that way we ensure no one ever misses an Arsenal game.

Mobile Version
Tablet Version
Desktop Version

Fixtures are pretty cool, no back to back tough set of games like we had in February and April last season. Aside from the games from September 13th to October 4th where we play City, Spurs and Chelsea, I think the rest of the games are evenly spaced bar. However, you can expect Champions League, Capital One and Carling Cup to make it look tougher overtime. Hence, the more reason the manager needs to improve his squad to be fit for all competitions. At least the fixtures won’t give Mourinho the excuse he had last season for our long run at the top where he said he benefited from an easy fixture list. I guess he can tell that the Man United now.

Going back into my shell, enjoy the world cup, enjoy the transfer window, don’t believe everything you read and not everything you see on twitter is actually worth discussing. Some transfer news you see are so awful no one should even honour them with a response. Cleverly to Arsenal? Seriously? We turned down Fabregas and we would want Cleverly? How can someone like John Cross even write that no matter the sources he has…

See you guys sometime in August. Interact with us on the comments section beneath, share any Arsenal songs you know that can serve as a lullaby if you have or we can just interact on twitter on @canoncrested

N.B If you still see a purple floating on the site, it’s a notification from our store. Remember we are still setting up our Arsenal store and it should be up sometime in August, any orders placed there would not be honoured.

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dozie June 21, 2014 - 10:12 am

Nice piece … Hope cazorla stays … By the end of world cup would hav bn linked to 200 players

SimonSEEZ June 21, 2014 - 11:30 am

Thanks, Hope he does too. I hope we sign the 5 we need in time for pre-season

Ross Tommey June 22, 2014 - 10:54 am

He’s back!

I used to sing my kids Arsenal lulabies and political ditties! Never did them any harm I can tell you: all Gooners!

“If I had the wings of a sparrow!
If I had the arse of a crow!
I’d fly over Chelsea tomorrow!
And shit on the bastards below, below …
Shit on, shit on, shit on the bastards below, below …” (and repeat)

To the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

“In your Liverpool slums,
You look in the dustbin for something to eat,
You find a dead rat and you think it’s a treat,
In your Liverpool slums.
In your Liverpool slums,
You shit on the carpet, you piss in the bath,
You finger your grandma, and think it’s a laugh,
In your Liverpool slums.
In your Liverpool slums,
You speak in an accent exceedingly rare,
You wear a pink tracksuit and have curly hair,
In your Liverpool slums.
In your Liverpool slums,
Your mum’s on the game and your dad’s in the nick,
You can’t get a job ‘cos you’re too fucking thick,
In your Liverpool slums.

To the tune of In My Liverpool Home by The Spinners

There are so many that I’d need a week! Still these will get ’em snoozing (eventually)!

Laters! UTA!

SimonSEEZ June 22, 2014 - 11:13 am

looool. You can always trust Ross to come up with something way worse than mine….

I’d fly over Chelsea tomorrow!
And shit on the bastards below, below …
Shit on, shit on, shit on the bastards below, below …” (and repeat)

singing that to a 1year old….looool. you bet his mom is going to put me on a cross….funny guy Ross..

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