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Man United vs Arsenal: Slay the Devil

by SimonSEEZ

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Did you fail any tests recently? If you did, cam on now, what is wrong with you? You can’t be watching the Gunners passing all their tests and you be failing yours now can you? ‘Tests’ another term the unbelieving public have used to scare us recently and what can we say but ask them to bring it on. Passed beautifully against Liverpool who are all of a sudden not title contenders after we beat them and we had to farm out a result at Dortmund and we did.

And it’s off to the third edition of the Arsenal November test series and we visit Old Trafford, a ground we have not won at since 2006. There is something different about Old Trafford these days though, it seems some Witnesses have visited the place, made a camp of it and driven all the red devils that helped them to victories away. Much has been written about how the fear factor heading to that ground has gone since Fergie left and we have seen teams like West Brom and S’hampton go there and play without any inhibitions and have got valuable points for their effort. Do I care? Nope! Do I hope it continues? Definitely, but I want it to be slow and painful, something like how Tony Montana (Scarface) would have done it if he had a chance to.

Considering our form , it’s no wonder Gooners are confident going into this game, when was the last time we went into big games not scared.  The attitude of the team is great; we can win beautifully as well as grind results. We come up against Van Persie and Rooney and we are confident that our CB pairing will do a good job against them; do they need to prove anything else? They have come up against Spurs, Napoli, Liverpool and Dortmund away and have kept clean sheets. If you are as blind to success as Alan Hansen on MOTD then you really do need the devil in you slayed!

man uMan United

Moyes’ chase for Cesc all summer showed his acknowledgment of the need to add some real quality to his midfield which really lacks anything now. Fergie’s had Scholes and he was one of the best midfielders to have graced the game in modern era, Cleverly is not and on the basis of what I have seen, never will be, come and bite me if he does a Ramsey.

Moyes though has to take credit for unleashing Januzaj, exciting young talent and seems to have been the spark to this United side. Everyone loves to see a youngster get a running when the team is doing well but to introduce one ahead of more established names when the team is struggling takes some doing. RVP seems to be scoring again but he better not be thinking he is getting any gifts such as the one Vermaelen gave him the last time and no one in this team would be bothered to swap shirts with the traitor (you don’t think he is, your opinion. In my eyes, him and the little boy inside him are exactly that, TRAITORS)

Player to Watch: Ashley Young


Koscienly beware! He dives when he wants

Kos, BFG beware! He dives when he wants

arsenal thumbnailArsenal

It’s all about keeping momentum now as this can only build further believe in the players trusting their abilities against top quality opposition. It would also be nice to put some real death to United’s title ambition this season, 11 points behind us is not insurmountable but it sure makes it a lot more comfortable.

Flamini is back for this one and we can expect him to start in midfield with Mikel, what a lovely signing he has been so far and I was skeptical about the injury at first as injuries with Arsenal players always tend to just drag on and get worse but to see him and Gibbs make quick ret

urn to the pitch is a welcome turn in events. With Flamini back, wonder who would have to make room in the team, every player that has worn the shirt so far has put up top top top sterling performances and I am certain Wenger would have educated them on the whole rotation being for the good of the squad.

Wilshere is still out, Theo (have we missed Theo or what!!) and Poldi should be back after the internationals. All these make for an interesting end of year set of games for the Gunners and as fans we loving every minute of it thus far and long may the run continue.


Man United 1 – 2 Arsenal


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Should be a great game and going into an Interlull we all know how much we love to win so we have an extended period to enjoy the result . Not certain I would watch the game though as it’s my first wedding anniversary tomorrow and considering I haven’t been forgiven for screaming during my reception when Arteta missed his penalty against Fulham on 10TH November last year, I would be pushing my luck if I get this one. Wish me luck mates. Have a great weekend!!


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