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Matt Ryan expresses willingness to stay at the Emirates

by Koolkola

Mat Ryan has shown willingness to sign permanently with the club, but admits his reps are assessing several options.

The Goalkeeper seem to have given up on a Brighton return after criticising manager Graham Potter for the way he was unceremoniously dropped last season.

Reports suggest that the decision makers at Arsenal have been impressed with how Ryan performed during his five months loan stint at the club. It is a surprise that the club has not announced an extension.

“I’ve got full faith in the team around me – my agent, family, friends – that we’re going to get a couple of options hopefully and go about making what’s going to be the best decision for me,” Matt Ryan told Fox Sports.

“Hopefully, Arsenal becomes one of those options as well that we can look at and see what can happen there, but at the minute it’s still quite early. The season’s just finished.

“I’m taking it day by day and seeing where my journey takes me.”

Ryan also expressed his pleasure at the time spent in North London.

“I’ve learnt so much in my experiences so far, all that’s being with a club like that, the resources, the personnel, the quality on the pitch, the enormity of the club on a global aspect … it was so cool to be a part of.

“I was very fortunate but at the same time I worked hard to get a couple of opportunities. I set a couple of little goals when I signed with the club, ticking them off one by one.

“I wanted to play games. It started with an unfortunate loss, had a draw after and then finally got a win.

“It was a great experience and I was really proud of how I did and really content with how I did, and I showed that I have the capability to play at a level like that.

“I look forward to seeing what that little period now means for me moving forward. At this level you’re always as good as your next games, not necessarily your last games.”

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