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Mikel Arteta admits we are in eh relegation mix

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta has agreed that we are in a relegation battle right now, after only one win in 10 Premier League games.

We currently sit 15th in the table and risk going further down if the team doesn’t turn things around quickly.

Mikel Arteta has seen a season that started positively turn into a chaotic one and has admitted he is suffering.

“I’m suffering and I’m hurting,” Arteta told Sky Sports ahead of the Boxing Day clash with Frank Lampard’s Blues.

“I’m hurting because I love this football club, I care so much about what we want to do.


“When I don’t do things to perfection and just the way I want it in the timing [I set], I feel like I’ve let people down. To live with that feeling is incredibly hard.


“As well, I have to know that what I thought a year ago that it [the job] would be, what I wanted to do and what I am right now; that perspective is not far from where we are.”

Sam Allardyce, the new West Brom coach has said Arsenal’s form meant we are very much in the mix for relegation. Mikel Arteta doesn’t disagree.

“At the moment, it is [true]. We have to win, we haven’t won enough in the last 10 [games].


“This is our reality now, this is the challenge we are facing. When you are facing a moment of difficulty, you have two types of people. Fighters and victims. At the moment, we just need fighters, I’m afraid.”

The manager realizes the delicate situation we are in and has reiterated the importance of the next three games.

“The next seven to eight days are going to be crucial to see where we’re going to be heading to in the Premier League,” he said.


“We have to stand up and we have to pick up the points. Let’s draw a line and move forward. Whether it’s bad luck or these things that are affecting our results, they have to change dramatically.”

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