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Mustafi and Elneny can leave Arsenal – Unai Emery

by SimonSEEZ

As the transfer window draws to a close, Arsenal seems to be seeking to offload  German defender Mustafi and Egyptian midfielder Mohammed Elneny. In a blunt assessment of their situation, the Arsenal manager, Unai Emery stated it is best for both players to leave Arsenal this month to advance their careers.

“We have some players, they know their situation,” said Emery.

“For example, Elneny and Mustafi know their position in the squad and really I want the players to be happy here, I want the players to be protagonists here.

“Last year with Mustafi and Mo, when they didn’t play they weren’t happy. I spoke with them a lot of times last year and this pre-season and I think it is positive for them to leave and sign for another team where they can be protagonists and be happy and continue their careers.”

“They are very big players,, But for one circumstance or another, they are going to have less chances to show their capacity or to be happy with us and the minutes they play in matches.

“But they know the situation and really, really I am wishing the best for them and I think now the best for them is to be protagonists in another team and sign to get another challenge. “We respect them, they are training with us, but they know their situation and only I am wishing the best for them.” 

This surely is a change in communication approach at Arsenal Football Club as in the past Arsene Wenger and his team would prefer to keep information of this nature away from the public. The clarity of Unai’s approach ensures that he can focus on the core players who are part of his strategy going forward. Given the close nature of Mustafi to other players in the camp especially Mesut Ozil and Kolasinac, one wonders how statements like these affect squad relationships and conversations with the manager. However, the players are professionals and given their age and experience the expectation is that they carry on their jobs.


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