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My players are humble – Mikel Arteta

by SimonSEEZ

Reacting to Brighton’s Maupay’s comments on Arsenal players post their win against Arsenal on Saturday where the players stated the below seemingly in reference to Guendouzi in particular,

‘Some Arsenal players need to learn humility some times because they been talking a lot and second half when they were 1-0 up and they got what they deserved,

Mikel Arteta expressed dissatisfaction with the comment stating

“He can say whatever he wants, I know my players and one aspect that they don’t miss for sure is humility.

These comments comes as a section of the Arsenal fanbase were critical of both the players and Mikel Arteta for not coming to the defence of Bernd Leno immediately after the incidence and during the post-game interview where the manager stated

“I believe that no player has the intention to hurt anybody and I believe in this case it’s exactly the same, it was unfortunate.”

In his post-game review, leading Arsenal blogger, Andrew from Arseblog.com captured the feelings of several Arsenal fans expertly stating

Some people have said it’s good that some of the Arsenal players had a go at Maupay after the final whistle. Frankly, it’s to their discredit it took that long, that it took him scoring the winner to get their dander up. I don’t want to go all ‘back in my day’ on it, but Maupay should have been left in no uncertain terms what people felt about it when it happened, and it’s the kind of incident that should have galvanised a team during the game.

A full report on the injury suffered by Bernd Leno is yet to be released as an assessment is still being undertaken. reports from previous instances of this nature would, however, lead us to believe doctors would give time for any swelling to reduce before a proper analysis is conducted. Early indications, however, make it seem unlikely for the Arsenal goalie to return this season. Emi Martinez who is The Gunners second choice goalie stated his and Matt Macey’s readiness to come in to support the team

“In the goalkeepers’ union, you don’t want the other goalies to get injured because it can happen to anyone,” “We train every day together, we support each other, we’re really close, we even have a WhatsApp group for just me, Bernd and Matt – it is devastating to be honest.

“I wish him a speedy recovery and if he needs the rest of the season, me and Matt [Macey] will try to do a good job in the Premier League and try to cover him as much possible.

From Canoncrested we can’t stress enough our best wishes to Bernd Leno during this devastating period.

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