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No 1: Wojciech Szczesny : This one is a Keeper!

by SimonSEEZ

Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ

I wonder how many marriages were ignited by those words, ‘This one is a keeper’. Young , carefree , roaming the earth without a worry in the world sowing your wild oats then one person hits you and all of a sudden your world seems to stop, hanging out with family or friends and they all fall in love with her and the words come out, ‘ hei mate, this one is a keeper’. For most, once they hear those words it’s only a matter of time before the bells start ringing.

It’s time for those bells to start ringing for our young polish keeper, Wojciech Szczesny , all the plaudits have gone to Ozil, Flamini and Ramsey this season and rightly so for their outstanding contribution to our current form but without a doubt we have got leaders everywhere and Szczesny is certainly one of them.

Goalkeepers are like doctors, they can’t afford to make mistakes as it proves to be very deadly and Szczesny has made a lot in his time, you can choose to go back to the Birmingham defeat in the Carling Cup final and his complicity in the goal or a more recent error filled performance at the opening fixture against Villa, but after then it’s one spectacular performance to another capped by his awesome double save last weekend against Palace that kept us in the game and won him Fans man of the match.

Wojciech has not always been a fans favourite, the goal keeping position was one of the major areas that featured in almost every fans list of places we needed serious replacement if we were ever going to compete for title this season. We were linked with Simon Mignolet ,Asmir Begovic and more heavily with Julio Ceaser as likely replacements this summer and we can’t say Szczesny was unaware of these moves. Infact we actually did sign a keeper, Emiliano Viviano but this loan signing rather than seriously threaten Szczesny position was actually an affirmation of the fact that the manager believed in him as our number one stopper and did not go all out for a proven goalkeeper rather he went for a one year loan move for Viviano.

See Some Top Saves from Wojciech

Szczesny knows his faults and is never one to run away from it which is one of his key character traits that make him outstanding. Dropped last season on the back of some woeful displays for Fabianski who started the amazing run we had to qualify for the champion’s league with his excellent display at Bayern and games afterwards, Szczesny only won back his place when Fabianksi suffered another injury which has been the bane of his career thus far. At the presser for the Dortmund he stated

‘I still need to prove myself at this Club. I still need to work hard every day and prove myself as a No 1 at this Club.I am going to keep working hard and doing my best. I am satisfied but you can always be much better.I can improve on every single aspect of my game. There is no finished article in football. I am only 21 so I try to improve every aspect.People still say I am over confident but I am a big critic of myself. If I watch a game the day after I played it, I look at the mistakes I have made and I try to learn from them’

If he really watches his performance he sure has learnt from his showing against Villa as ever since then his numbers have gone up save for the perpetual one goal the team tends to concede most of which are not particularly down to his errors. I tried to pull some stats of his performances this season in comparism to a few other top premier league keepers from www.squawka.com

KeeperSaves Per Game Avg Goals Conceded Distribution


Clean sheets
Peter Cech1.560.6763%3
David De Gea2.221.3365%2
Simon Mignolet2.890.8960%3
Hugo LLoris2.440.5653%6
Joe Hart1.221.2257%3

You can draw your own conclusions from the data above as stats are meant to be interpreted but I see that so far this season he is just as good as any of the top keepers in the league currently, saves per game ratio only bettered by Mignolet (Liverpool) , aside from Boruc (Southampton) and Hugo Lloris (Spurs) , the number of clean sheets kept are just about the same and he sure has a better distribution of the ball. With the saves per game ratio from the keepers listed above only Mignolet has had more shots at him compared to Szczesny this season and he still manages to concede an average of one goal per game.  Stats from whoscored.com




Manchester City















Manchester United



Newcastle United









West Bromwich Albion



West Ham



Crystal Palace



Aston Villa




















Joe Hart seems to be a calamity now and the stats prove it, with a 9.3 shots conceded rating he still manages just 1.22 saves per game and lets in an average of 1.22 goals per game. Lloris doesn’t have a lot of shots aimed at him as he has 9.7 which explains his high save per game ratio. Various reasons can be deduced from this as it can also be attributed to the quality of the defence protecting the keeper but we can’t deny Szczesny with a 12.8 on shots conceded  still has one of the best save per games ratio.

Whether you like to call him Szcz or Woj as he is referred to most times on twitter due to the face that his name is one of those you are never confident you spelt right, to be honest for every time you see the name Szczesny on this post its actually copy and paste just so I don’t get it spelt wrong, we sure have a keeper in our hands, young , confident and loves the club he can only wants to get better and that’s our prayer for him. We play Liverpool next and a host of other top class encounters afterwards  and Szczesny would have to raise his game a notch if the team expects to get any points from the encounters as we face top quality strikers next, doesn’t come much bigger than Suarez, Lewandoski and RVP .

Have a great day Gooners , Preview of the game against Liverpool would be up on the site soon, meanwhile you can read this post by Gooner Daily : Liverpool scouting Report : Reviewing the threat by S.A.S. worth a read and you can follow on @GoonerDaily .

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Dozie November 2, 2013 - 7:22 am

“to be honest for every
time you see the name Szczesny on this post its
actually copy and paste just so I don’t get it
spelt wrong”
What a line lols …
Szczesny has been exceptional this season. I actually feel his highly under-rated I must say. Looking at some saves he’s pulled these season the comparism above aren’t out of place… Nice piece and informative piece I must say … Thumbs up canon crested !

SimonSEEZ November 2, 2013 - 7:43 am

Thanks alot. Appreciate the feedback.

And we just learnt Szczesny has just signed a new contract with the club.100k a week

chidiandy November 7, 2013 - 1:00 pm

100k a week! This is good! we can as well kiss any hope of signing a top goalie goodbye. Wenger has shown us that Szczesny is our No. 1

SimonSEEZ November 7, 2013 - 4:57 pm

and he deserves to be…

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