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North London will always be RED!

by SimonSEEZ

Everyone loves derbies, the whole match day experience is different when you play your local rivals home or away. The game is alive, it splits families, splits colleagues at work, everyone has an opinion of how it would go and it always evokes all the memories from years on end. The best derbies are the ones where both teams are somewhat on the same level, either both successful and chasing the title like the Manchester derbies for a few years now, fighting for a European place like the Merseyside derby or both rubbish and struggling to avoid been relegated like the Birmingham vs Aston Villa or Newcastle vs Sunderland from last year.

The North London derby I can’t seem to fit into any of those analogies, aside from been geographically close to us Spurs are no where the same class as us, have never been , will never be. Biggest beneficiaries of this derby has and will always be Spurs, the whole media buzz around it because it’s against Arsenal always gives them the air of being a big club. Arsenal are like Eddie Murphy and Spurs Arsenio Hall from the movie Coming to America, if you hang around the real prince long enough there is a tendency you start to think and act like one.

They have never finished ahead of us in the premier league era, never won the premier league, played in the champions league just once, have not won the FA Cup since 1991 and whenever they happen to win us they make a DVD out of it. Are almost on a manager per season, have spent over 100 million in the last transfer window and even have an Arsenal fan as their current manager and still sit perpetually in our shadow, yet we are the team on the downward Spiral according to AVB and according to all the press guys last season and this season ‘The tide in North London is changing’. In truth the best description I can find for all of this is from a rap song ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West

Bow in the presence of greatness.

Cause right now thou has forsaken us. 

You should be honored by my lateness.

That I would even show up to this fake sh**.

Spurs really should be honoured by our presence at North London; they should pay us for the publicity we bring to them.  Absolute twats that they are throwing coins at Theo Walcott when he lay terribly injured when we knocked them out of the FA Cup in January.

Picture by @arsenalrealm - NorthLondon is Red

Picture by @arsenalrealm – NorthLondon is Red

To some more match related post before you scamper away, the result from the Chelsea game makes it even more important for us to beat Spurs and take full advantage of their loss which would see us just a point behind them. Wenger has spoken recently about our end of season form in the last few years and how important it is for us to pull such form this year should we intend to get anything from the league this year. It’s important to see how our players deal with the pressure of playing a derby and the also the added incentive of being just a point behind the league leaders.

One player sadly who wouldn’t be dealing with that pressure is Ozil who is out injured even though the hallowed folks from the 4th estate still thought to write absolute rubbish about him after he was substituted against Bayern. Tim Stillman wrote an excellent piece on the subject and its very well worth a read. (I won’t put up the link here so you don’t run off to read it and not finish my post) so you can find the link at the bottom of this post. The team is already without Ramsey and it would be interesting to see how the manager sets up the team tomorrow. I think he would go with the ‘Flamteta’ midfield because we play away with Cazorla in the middle, Ox on the right and Poldi on the left with Giroud upfront.  That’s the set up I would prefer and Rosicky can always join the party in the second half like he did at Everton to drive us forward and kill the game if we haven’t by that time.

Tim Sherwood didn’t start any of Spurs 100million buys last week against Chelsea and I would be looking forward to who would start against us especially after the schooling we gave him at the FA Cup when he played his 4-4-2 against us making the midfield battle lost before it even started. With a few more games under his belt as a manager one would think he would have learnt by now but if anything is synonymous with Spurs it’s their inability to learn from past mistakes so I would be hoping he comes against us the same way and even without Ozil in our midfield we are better than them.

It’s a derby so both teams would be motivated to go all out for a win and Spurs on the back of their two defeats wouldn’t have picked a better team to come up against to pick up their faltering season.  Wenger must be adventurous and it’s important that everyone who lines up tomorrow does that with only a victory on their minds.  The Ox is our inform player now and whatever we do we must take advantage of the confidence he is playing with now. Come out of the blocks early like we did against Everton, hit Spurs early, let them panic , let their fans get on their backs and we can be play a solid professional game and get out with full points. If we let them get into the game because it’s a derby they can cause us some damage and we wouldn’t want that.

Hopefully we would come out of this game victors. We are giving out these cool Arsenal scarf and cap to the first 3 correct predictions for the game. So if you would like to participate you can drop your prediction on the comments section beneath, or send us a mail with your prediction to competitions@canoncrested.com or tweet at us @canoncrested. The competition is sponsored by our friends from www.jerseynmore.com

So cheers friends, have a great day and week ahead. I promised a link to the post by Tim Stillman and you can find it by clicking here   totally worth a read if you haven’t read it already.

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Olayinka March 16, 2014 - 7:54 am

Confidence level– 101%.. d only problem I av wit ur predicted XI we both know…bt I won’t go into dt now,as for d myopic guys of d press sitting on Ozil’s back,dy can hate all dy want,we won’t stop loving Arsenal,we won’t join dm in crucifying d Oz-man….its been a while we won at d lane..we shld get a win today!…the best news I woke up to is actually dt of a certain girl in d team meeting a football agent ‘secretly’ I hope its wat I av been praying for,dt is about to happen!…I like aw u dint put dt external link right in d middle of ur write-up,I honestly wld av gone to dt site to read abt my guy,dn come back to finish up…very well played!

SimonSEEZ March 16, 2014 - 8:02 am

Love your confidence level. As for Giroud meeting an agent I would take that with a pinch of salt, I didn’t bother reading it once I saw the source was the Daily Fail. Hope you enjoyed Tims writing too, dude is really informed. Cheers buddy

Olayinka March 16, 2014 - 8:18 am

I also dint read it o,js saw it on d gossip column,saw Daily Crap as source,I js moved on….Tim has very valid points on his blog..which b4 now I dint really take note of,d traffic d stories generate,leading to income via advert placements and all….its a bit clearer now…still doesn’t change d fact that dy r nonsense set of pple…also dy won’t stop..so Tim has help by preparing me for more….

bolz March 16, 2014 - 9:44 am

Loved the coming to America analogy

SimonSEEZ March 16, 2014 - 11:47 am

🙂 thanks Bolz…

kshow da maestro March 16, 2014 - 11:02 am

Fantastic piece and d positive energy in it somewhat reduces the ‘u can’t blame us as arsenal fans’ tension in anticipation of this game,and as for giroud?he can meet up with the matrix’s agent smith for all I care,hes the only reason why we won’t win the league this season.walcott came back with 5 goals in 5 games b4 he got injured again so think of what could have been,happy birthday to Walcott though and I wish all gunners victory today especially as Jose ‘I’m a big mouth’ mourinho couldn’t talk his way out of 2 red cards and a loss to aston villa yesterday.

SimonSEEZ March 16, 2014 - 11:51 am

Thanks KShow

Hard to remove tension from an Arsenal Fan to be honest, to supper Arsenal you must need an extra heart. Lol…Giroud has suffered oh! The fact we lost Theo was a huge dent in our title chase honestly what he brings to the team in terms of goals, the way he even makes the other team think of setting up themselves because e of his pace no one one else has that in the Arsenal team but Villa handed us a huge life line yesterday and hopefully we will take full advantage

Olayinka March 16, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Kshow!!!!!!…Good Lord!!..where av u been all my life!…may the Good Lord bless u immensely!!!..I keep saying it..dt guy is d main and only reason we won’t win the league ds season!!. And like u said if he likes he shld meet agent smith o,na him know!..he shld sha find his way to a club dt is ok wit his ‘heavily geld hair’.’Hold up play’,’his girly ways’ and all! @canoncrested,u see I’m not alone!!

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