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Opinion: If Wenger stays….

by SimonSEEZ

Illness, mental fatigue and new job function have combined to make writing a lot more difficult in recent weeks. Funny thing about my new job role is that my Team Lead is an avid Arsenal fan and getting to a new desk and you have all the first days at work goose pimples. So my Team Lead calls me and this conversation ensues

Team Lead:  Hei, I hear you own an Arsenal blog right?

Me: Yea, I do. Who told you?

Team Lead (Frowns at being asked a question back and still frowning he asks me): Doesn’t matter who told me, I want to know what you think about Olivier Giroud.

Me (no more as confident as I was when I asked him ‘Who told you’) – After I found my voice, I lent him my opinion which I feel is not a popular one but I said it anyway. Giroud is a good second striker that is not helped by the weight of responsibility he solely carries which in turn is Wenger’s fault. So if you are going to blame Giroud, I only think it’s fair you blame the manager just as much.

So when he called me yesterday to ask what my opinion on Wenger staying was, now more confident in my own abilities I told him, you know what? I haven’t written for a while so I’ll write about it.

I’m a huge Wenger worshipper, always been, most likely would always be but I broke ranks and started to question if he should remain manager of the club after the Everton loss.  At least I hung in till recently, a sizeable amount of fans have wanted him out for years I believe, for the first time I started accepting that Arsenal without Wenger in it might not be a bad thing after all. However Wenger’s conversation with beIN Sports put this whole contract saga into some perspective.

Asked in an interview with beIN Sports, broadcast on talkSPORT, whether he would stay or go at the end of the season, Wenger replied: “Look, I have said that many times already, I have given my word to this club and that I want to continue where I am…. that means to stay.” – Arsene Wenger

We all know you can get a bank loan on Wenger sticking to whatever he says and signs, a man that can refuse to sign a midfielder last season because Abou Diaby was returning from one of his long term injuries is a man that you can trust alone with your wife on a very cold Russian night.

New Picture (3)New Picture (3)

So I decided to ask a few of my friends on Twitter and via email if they wanted Wenger to stay and a larger percentage wanted him to remain at Arsenal but the results also show a sizeable amount want him out. To make it clearer, I was scared when we had just 30 votes. Of the first 30 votes, 16 wanted him in and 14 wanted him out, almost 50%. I suspect Wenger must have discovered the survey and got some of his strongest supporters to get involved which reflected in the last set of votes.

With Wenger I feel we have a situation similar to having a smart kid at home that you know if only he would put in a little more effort would be the best at what he does. The ingredients for success are there, we have an amazing stadium, a huge local and global fan base that is willing to pay top dollar to watch and follow their team, we are situated in a prime position in one of the best cities in the world which makes us attractive to sponsors and we now have sponsorships deals that are just as good if not better than our rivals, we also have in Wenger a very knowledgeable manager who if only would put in the extra effort in player acquisition, squad management and tactics we would be a much better side than we currently are.

New Picture (4)

It’s amazing to see that almost 80% of the fans that took the poll think that Wenger needs help in the form of having a Director of Football. I read somewhere that when Dein was leaving Arsenal, Wenger asked him ‘do you want me to resign too?’ and Dein asked him to stay on.  That’s just shows how the relationship between Wenger and Dein was and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that two of them working together brought some of our most glorious years.

If working with someone else on deals, transfers, salaries etc brought the best out of Wenger how come he is unwilling to try it again. Or does Wenger feel that bond with Dein can never be recreated with someone else? I feel Wenger does too much; the most important man at Arsenal is him. Maybe if he focused solely on on the pitch matters and allowed other aspects of the club like player negotiations, clubs wage structure, setting up a better scouting network etc. we would get better results on the pitch.

I love Wenger’s socialist wage structure but is it still practicable in modern football especially with the kind of competitors we have in the premier league? Are we not stuck with players like Diaby, Bendtner, Park and Chamakh until he left on our wage bill because we pay too much to players that contribute very little? Wenger says the decision on wage structure was a board decision but we all know the amount of influence he has there. There is an excellent article on Arsenals wage structure here and it makes for good reading http://bergkampesque.com/2013/01/09/the-beauty-and-horror-of-arsenals-socialist-pay-structure/ . Truth is Wenger needs to delegate some of his responsibilities and he needs to trust the people whom he delegates them to, to take decisions that are in the best interest of the club.

New Picture (5)

The result from the survey question above just goes further to buttress the fact that Wenger needs to either improve his use of the transfer window or completely delegate it to someone else and fans even consider it more important than his tactical ability.  Three transfer windows have gone now and we have failed to replace Van Persie or get a second striker for the club, we had to wait till the last day to magically get Ozil, Andrey Arshavin ,Nacho Monreal and Kim Kallstrom were also last minute deals.

To hear the manager say this after the Kallstrom signing to be honest goes right to the top of one of the most unintelligent things I have heard from a very intelligent person

“It crossed my mind,” Wenger said, when asked whether he had thought about pulling out of the transfer. “But I would not have signed him if we’d had two or three more days to do something. It was 5pm on Friday night, so it was sign him or nobody. We had to sign him in these conditions.

The statement speaks for itself as to how our transfer business is being coordinated and you would expect that if Wenger decides that he will remain at the club then he should please change how he approaches the transfer market. I don’t think paying over the odds is correct either but I believe the transfer market is largely reactionary and one player sale might trigger a lot of price increases elsewhere.  That is why it is important to identify the players you need early, negotiate deals early, have an excellent pre-season that affords them quick integration and then start the season strong while others are still trying to make last minute transfer business.

Change is needed for us to be successful and it seems we are not changing our manager soon, the only hope we now have is for our manager to change.

So Boss, that’s my answer to your question about the manager and I even got 52 of my friends to join in with a survey so I guess I deserve a pay rise right? Thanks to everyone that participated in the survey. Sincerely appreciate. Cheers!

Here is a link to the survey results if you fancy still taking a detailed look. http://polldaddy.com/surveys/2082255/report 

Thanks for reading our post, Interact with us on the comments section on any of the survey results you would like to comment on or if you fancy twitter we are @canoncrested. If you follow, we always follow back. Cheers

N.B If you notice some scroller about a store on the site, it’s because we are setting up our store which should be up soon and there would be some really cool Arsenal Merchandise to purchase there so lets all look forward to that.

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BrainySteppo III April 27, 2014 - 11:03 pm

Good write-up. I know a certain Yinka will vote Wenger out, anytime even we land the FA. ..but I wouldn’t blame him. I’m not 100% sure I want Wenger to continue, maybe 55%. The only marquee reason I thus want him is: now that we have money and Ozil, I want to give him a chance to build us another great team, tactical, consistent and competitive with these resources he has sourced himself.. regardless of a Director of Football or not. . still feel he has that brilliance, though seeming old. ..
I think my comment should land me a job at your work place since the Team Lead is here. .. #UTA

SimonSEEZ April 30, 2014 - 8:56 pm

We have to pray Wenger changes his mind and uses the resources. We are only a few players short. About the job, Le Boss says I should tell you he is anti-wenger so no space for you… 🙂

Olayinka April 28, 2014 - 8:56 am

Lmaooooo!!!!!…Brainy,js like u,i am not 100% sure i want him to leave but mehn..,i am tired!!…d truth is that there is a lil bit of WOB in all of us,especially after ds season turned out the way it did…about Wenger building another team?..nope!..i wld rather have a new person build a new team…wat new tin does Wenger want to build/imprint on d team?old recurrent tactics?being a father figure instead of being a manager?..naaa,i wld pass on dt…he wont spend,we all know dt…so drea no point hoping dre wld be any kinda change…im with Arsenal..,not wit Arsene…if he decides to stay on,dres notin i can do,i wld support him…as for giroud,d less said abt him,d beta for my mood this morning….for 9yrs,we all saw and knew wat was to be done to make our club competitive,for 9yrs we av been saying ‘next season is our season’,for 9yrs we av keyed into d mediocrity of 4th place satisfaction…ds season is d most shameful…battling everton,everton o! For 4th place…aw is dt not d joke of season?…we were abysmal against top5 teams,our youth team wld prolly be relegated…its js sad…i cant wait to av dt FA cup(if we dont bottle it in our usual way)…imagine giroud saying 4th place is more impt dn d FA cup,is dt not d hyt of mediocrity and shamelessness?..aw did we get to d level of deriving satisfaction frm 4th place?..ok i av started wit ds my long comments again…heheheheh…very nice writeup man…

SimonSEEZ April 30, 2014 - 9:00 pm

You need to relax more Yinka….and relegation only kicks in the youth competitions next season so we aren’t relegated for now.

Ross Tommey May 1, 2014 - 11:38 pm

Battling Everton! Battle Everton after both Man City and Chelsea loaned them players to strengthen their squad. The squad was built around Barry and Lakaku! Everton were weak when they played there games against them as they will against City this weekend! The tactics of the rich to strengthen a team that would not have been able to mount the attack on the top for without them! You need to see the bigger picture! Everton will be nowhere next year without the loanees and the UCL money. It was the only way the rich two could try and knock us back and they failed. (see my separate post!)

9 years! 9 years is nothing in football! Chelsea went over 50 years without winning the league title and City over 40! Liverpool are 24 years and still counting! As for the mugs from Middlesex they haven’t won it since 1961, 53 years, TV was black and white! Only 23 different teams have ever one the top division in England! Out of over 200 that have tried!

There are only 3 trophies available and 758 teams compete in the FA cup and there can only be one winner. But the lowest team from tier 9 of our league stuctures their fans will sing We’re Going to Wembley, Wembley, Wembley we’re the famous and we’re going to Wembley, when there team is playing in the competition! It’s the love of the club you are destined to support by birth or by choice, but you do just that support no matter what!

At the elite level the players will play in up to 5 competitions and have additional games at international level. No other team in the EPL have more active international players than Arsenal at senior and u21 level. out of the 276 days of player injury that we have suffered this year alone over 60% of those injuries were sustained on international duty!

We may all have our criticisms of our club as every fan throughout history has, but you always, always need to balance your opinion with facts. Not the facts that the media spin and not the lies they tell about player transfers.

The club has always spent it’s money on the players and club development. There have never been any share dividends paid out to directors like ManUre and Liverpool. The club is sound and that is because of our traditions and our faith in our managers! Our greastest successes have come after periods of rebuilding and stability. You are lucky to have one of the greatest managers that the history of football has ever produced. Ever produced. He is still here and long may that be.

You are also lucky that you are about to witness the march of Arsenal into the 10’s! We did it in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Again in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. The 90’s and 00’s brought some of the biggest success our club has ever seen! Don’t forget no other club has a GOLD EPL TROPHY! 49, 49 undefeated … playing football the Arsenal way!

Some teams have struck it rich in the last few years that does not give them a history, a “soul”. You my friend picked a club with a rich history not a rich sugar daddy. You my friend choose a club with a “soul”!

Dozie May 2, 2014 - 11:10 am

This is enlightening… nice piece backed up with facts kudos boss

Dozie April 30, 2014 - 3:14 pm

Nice piece

SimonSEEZ April 30, 2014 - 9:00 pm

Thanks Dozie

Ross Tommey May 1, 2014 - 6:37 pm

I am firmly a WKB – he has had to manage through the austerity of bulding a stadium without public funds (Aka Oil City) and Russian gold (Aka Chavski). This is the economic prudence that was necessary during a global economic down turn and still without the resources he has guided us to UCL every year and this season when some of the squeeze was off he signed Mesut Fucking Ozil! Injuries have blighted the season and still we will finish on more points than we did last year and qualify for UCL. We have finished above that club from Middlesex for the 19th year in succession and we have the FA Cup in our sights! Our stadium debt is now managed for the next 22 years and we have signed 3 of the biggest sponsorship deals in the history of football! We have a strong young squad that needs a maxiumum of 4 additions including 2 or 3 world class players. We are in the strongest position we have ever been in and will only get stronger. ManUre are in turmoil and Liverpool will need to hold on to Suarez. City and the Chavs will have to spend spend spend to keep up! We are going to be again one of the biggest threats in Europe next season and when we win the league in 2015 we will push on to a UCL final in 2016!

Stop being prophets of doom and be grateful you support a club that has a history and not bought it’s success with the riches of stolen gas or from the oil of Saudi facists!

We are the Arsenal and we have always done things our way!

Long may it be so!

AW is here to stay get over it!

SimonSEEZ May 1, 2014 - 9:52 pm

I think we are never going to find a more pro-wenger comment than your Ross. Love your faith in the manager and I really wish he comes though this season and the next if he signs the deal. Cheers

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