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Poem:: BFG and KOS The Boss #StrongerTogether

by SimonSEEZ

Hello friends, enjoying the World Cup? It is turning out to be one of the best ever held and with events like this you can expect everyone watching to have a memory that lives with them forever from it. For some it would be of their country lifting the trophy, for others it would be losing it, some would live to remember how they ‘bit’ themselves out of a tournament while for some of us who just follow the Arsenal angle of the competition we would have loads of different stories to tell.

They say picture says more than a thousand words, and one picture would be my lasting memory from this world cup. Work ensured I didn’t watch the game but signing on to twitter immediately after and my timeline was filled with Gooners re-tweeting endlessly what would be a picture that symbolises everything football and life in general should be.

You can find everything in this picture trust me, you just have to look real hard.

per and kos

Partnership | Support | Trust | Rivalry | Togetherness| Love | Friendship | Care | Victory | Loss

Maybe I look too deep, but take a look yourself , what do you see? I asked my friend @Brainysteppo what he saw and he wrote a beautiful poem that captures it perfectly and I am honoured he allowed me to share it with you.


 Stronger together, intimacy of two men
 Whom are of different shores but still share everything
 Like pains, defeats, positive arguments and a den
 And love, wisdom, wins and a big family.

 Stronger together, since they’ve found each other
 Wherever they are, France or Germany, never in asunder
 They live their lives together, bad or good
 And defend the fortress, better than any could.

 Stronger together, even when their goal oppose
 Their silently open vow still stand maintained
 And when nature decides whose goal goes home
 Stronger together, the Bond stays sustained.

 Stronger together, even in the bad days
 Full of moanings, aches, bites, broken hamstring and drubbings
 Stronger together, when good times come other days
 Full of moanings to praises, wins and victories.

 Stronger together, everywhere, every passing hour
 One for another, sailing the ship without strifes
 Better together, one is complete in the other.
 Living forever, true friendship never dies.

Now if that doesn’t capture it all, what does.

Do give @Brainysteppo a follow on twitter, really great mind and is criminally under followed. Have any better adjectives that describe Per and Kos? Let us know in the comments section beneath or on twitter @canoncrested. Follow us, we always follow back!

Can’t wait for the new season to start to see more of them play together and the regular hugs when they keep those clean sheets…. Cheers Gooners! Have yourself a great day!

Can they be our Keown and Adams?

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Ross Tommey July 7, 2014 - 10:56 pm

Brothers from different mothers!
Le Boss and the BFG
Assertive, brave, controlling, defensive, effective, french, german, heroics, indefatigable, jolly, knowledgeable, legendary, magnificent, noble, observant, phenomenal, qualitative, red, strongest, trustworthy,

SimonSEEZ July 8, 2014 - 11:29 am

AHA…when I was writing those adjectives, honestly the thought came that Ross would find a whole lot more…and surely you did…Thanks Ross

Ross Tommey July 8, 2014 - 2:23 pm

Some reason my PC posted at “T” … “X” and “Y” were a nightmare to think of and it was getting late!

Ross Tommey July 7, 2014 - 11:12 pm

unyielding, victorious, workmanlike, x-rated, yummy, zealous

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