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Prediction League Rules

by SimonSEEZ


Thank you for registering to play the CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League, aside from having fun doing this we have a few rules to how the game is played.


  1. Predictions are for every competitive game Arsenal plays. (EPL, Champions League, FA Cup, Carling Cup).
  2. Predictions close one hour before every game.
  3. You must select the First Arsenal Goal scorer for every game.
  4. Scoring system is
  • Perfect Score – 3pts
  • Correct Outcome (win, loss, draw) – 2pts
  • First Goal Scorer – 1pt
  • Total Number of points – 6pts
  1. Points added for every game and the leader of the league is declared the winner
  1. Prizes are given to the most improved player every month. The most improved player doesn’t necessarily mean the player on top of the log, but the player who has amassed the highest number of points in the month.
  2. onthly winners get an Arsenal jersey from us and for players outside Nigeria, the value of the jersey in Naira would be credited to your paypal accounts.
  3. You might be required by sponsor to provide evidence of prizes won on Twitter.
  4. Above all, let’s all have fun doing this. MAY THE ODDS FOREVER BE IN YOUR FAVOUR.


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