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Same Script, Same Result, Same Arsenal

by SimonSEEZ

End of every season – This has been a good season; we are heavily disappointed that we were unable to win the championship. We think it was a good season, and we congratulate “insert winner.” From our perspective, we have found the gaps in our team that needs to be filled. We didn’t score enough goals and will be looking to the market to correct that… etc etc – Arsene Wenger

Early in June – Signs one player to get your hopes up and gives you a little more reason to think renewing your season ticket was a good idea.
Midway in the transfer window – We are seriously involved in the transfer market looking to bring one or two players in that can improve our squad. We are in negotiations with a few clubs, and possible reinforcements should arrive soon.

End of July – There is a lot of activity in the market, and we are looking at the best solutions for the club. Our focus now is on getting the players we have here ready for the season. The transfer market is open till the end of August and we will be active until the last minute

August (Game 1)
10/11 (Liverpool): Draw
11/12 (Newcastle): Draw
12/13 (Sunderland): Draw
13/14 (Aston Villa): Lost
14/15 (Crystal Palace): Won
15/16 (West Ham): Lost
16/17 (Liverpool): Lost

Mid-August – Starts frantically looking for deals that should have been closed months before to rescue a faltering start.

January – Bar a couple of seasons, title hope collapses.

February – Knocked out of champions league we work so hard to get into and then the FA Cup becomes our World Cup

May – Promises start again

Please feel free to correct any part of that cycle that is wrong. How many times have we gone through this routine as fans? It’s practically, the same script, same actors in it and same expected results. The club cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

Nowhere in any work life will this kind of perpetual poor decision making to the start of any event be tolerated by any reasonable boss. Imagine working in a Bank and every morning you are unprepared when customers start showing up, or perpetually submitting late reports and expecting your boss to understand. The sad part is that Wenger cuts a brilliant figure, how he manages to do things that constantly alienate him and the club from the fan base they represent is something I might never get my head around.

Watching the game with a few friends last night and I was shocked most of them were not upset we lost. How do you go into a game like that knowing your team is not ready, and you are prepared to take a loss? Was Wenger ready to take a loss? Was he prepared at all? With Arsenal and Wenger in particular, the questions always outweigh the answers.

Sometimes a team loses a game and you know they gave everything in the game and you can excuse it. However, the result yesterday was directly tied to the manager. Reluctance to bring in needed replacements in defense despite losing Per Mertesacker nearly five weeks ago to a long-term injury. The club still is unable to close the deal for Mustafi or any other senior defender knowing fully well Koscielny will be unready. The manner in which we conceded yesterday was a direct reflection of that and I am too angry to bother going through the goals mentally or in this post.

holding v chambers

If the Euros were the reason for Ozil not starting, why did Ramsey start? They both exited the tournament at the same stage? Ramsey’s injury yesterday might be justification for the manager not wanting to hurry players back in but doesn’t that beg the question, why didn’t Cazorla start ahead of Ramsey. Cazorla did not play for large parts of last season, did not go to Euros and has been training for a while and is better suited for the role he played Ramsey in.

All through the window, we have been crying out for a striker. Yesterday, we played without our most senior forward at the club and we still scored three goals. A club of our stature should never ever score three goals and lose a game. How did we concede four? Alexis Sanchez continues to give doubt that he can lead the line and his best position might actually be out wide. Nothing was working for him yesterday down the middle and Theo was stuck out wide. I might be wrong, but I never saw them try to switch position and try a different approach during the game. Was that due to a specific instruction given to them or lack of intuition from both of them.

Theo wants to be a striker today and a winger tomorrow. The manager said he thinks of him as a striker and then plays him on the wing against Man City in the friendly and Liverpool yesterday. Given how ineffective Sanchez was, why was no attempt made to justify the managers thinking of the Theo Walcott situation.

Again, it’s another early season rant that could be easily avoided. Hopefully, this is the storm before the calm and that calm has to come next week. F**k!

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Iyke August 15, 2016 - 8:38 am

Despite the loss, I always have this belief that we wud more often than not, beat liverpool. I guess yesterday was one of the exceptions. It’s obvious to see that we lacked leadership in the middle of our defence. I half expected wenger to play monreal at CB and Gibbs at LB. The reason he played Ramsey? Ur guess is as good as mine. But looking on the bright side, I hope the loss spurs Wenger to get a quality CB (not jonny evans) who can even challenge our regulars for a starting shirt.

As regards why wenger does not bring in the players we need and does things the same way every single season? My feeling is

1: he always wants an outlet for his short comings (always saying we r one player short or a couple of players short) but NEVER addresses the problem so there wud always be a reason for not winning the league

2: the game of football and it’s dynamics have evolved since the 90’s and 2000’s. Arsene Wenger is still stuck in the late 2000’s and hasn’t evolved with the times.

It’s sad to say, I don’t see Arsenal winning the league anytime soon with Wenger at the helm of affairs. Not because he is not a good coach, but because other coaches around him hv adapted their games to the the current times we live in. Look at it like a computer system. Windows 7 wud still work on a computer… but why r we upgrading to windows 10? Not necessarily because it’s more expensive, but bcos it’s more efficient and suited to the times and structure of today.

Akinfemi George August 15, 2016 - 8:47 am

Truth is you have said it all. I am tired of arsenal and Wenger’s foolishness(stubbornness) to adopt to the constantly fast changing game of football. Yes he was once an innovator but like so many before him and many more after him.

He should realise this and adapt to change or else he be left way behind as is seemingly the case yet another season. A draw was the least I expected yesterday nothing less.

All other “big” teams won their games be it pretty or ugly, an indicator of how tight it is going to be going forward.

Time for change Arsenal, we need a total overhaul of the club. Not just the manager , it goes all the way up.

The current management has a mental block and are stuck, can’t move in a different direction cause they feel they are doing well financially. Well, it is only a matter of time for this to change in the negative.

How come others keep spending money that we cant? And yet we say we are a “big” club like man-u or city? Not talking chelsea? We are fast becoming perpetual title pretenders and a bottom top tier club regardless of finishing in top 4 every bloody season.

The sad part is we only need 2-3 players to complete this team every season but it never happens. So sad.

Sorry for the long epistle, just wanted to vent for a while.

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