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Santi, a class above others : Review

by SimonSEEZ

Hello Gooners, sure you are having a great weekend at least from a footballing perspective! So the game against Fulham wasn’t a stroll in the park like some of us expected it to be especially with our performance in the first half.

Anyone notice the game was just a complete reverse of the one at Aston Villa? Splendid first half at Villa, awful one at Fulham, awful second half at Villa and we switched on completely in the second half against Fulham and the goals too came in reverse halves. Sometimes you just feel the players look at a team and think they just have to show up to win, maybe they hear this team has conceded 6 against Hull and 4 at Sunderland and they don’t consider them a threat so the first half really proved to them that they had to up the tempo.

The passing was poor and slow and we lacked any width in game, Cazorla was the best player in that half but all his damage was from playing in the middle and Serge really wasn’t stretching anyone down the right. It was Sagna vs Richardson alone and Sagna wasn’t winning that battle. Our defence too was barely tested and when called into question Szczesny made an outstanding save from Sidwell (can’t wait for him to retire so we can stop hearing that Arsenal link with him from the commentators every time we play them)

Santi was everywhere

Santi was everywhere

The second half was more purposeful and then we got the goals after putting a huge amount of pressure on the Fulham goal. We got two goals in quick succession like we did against Cardiff and Villa and it seems once we get the first we are more likely to get the second almost immediately which is a good trait in itself but we should take the opportunity to kill the game.It’s almost like we play in bursts as once we get one goal we push to get another almost immediately and after that we relax to kill of the game by keeping the ball. That’s where we are different from Man City, they look to score more goals and we just are comfortable keeping our shape with the feeling that we have won.


To be fair we did try to kill this one off and Poldoski when he came was like a man lion unleashed from years in a dungeon. The fury that came from his left boot when he struck the ball minutes after been on the pitch can only be compared to the force of Thor’s hammer, somehow that ball didn’t go in and it would have been an amazing goal. It’s always nice to have that kind of talent to bring on in a game. Wenger was quizzed after the game on Poldi as expected after cameras caught Poldi showing some frustration at the Villa game

Wenger said, “Every player who is on the bench is frustrated. But Lukas has a fantastic spirit and attitude and he showed that when he came on.“He will play. He has been out for four-and-a-half months and it takes time, but he looks sharp.

Set Pieces

No Direct FreeKicks scored so far

No Direct Free kicks scored so far

Just a quick thought on our free kicks, we haven’t scored any this season and is that unconnected with the fact that it seems we don’t have a designated taker? Who is practicing the most at taking them in training? Who is scoring them in training? The ones that seem farther off from goal are taken by Ozil and Arteta. Walcott, Ozil and Cazorla seem to battle it out when the kick is closer to goal but one of the funniest sights these season has to be Sagna stepping up to take one against Spurs. We see Suarez and Yaya Toure score at least 1 in every 3 they take this season hence the need for us to take free kicks more seriously. Let’s not even go into how we deal with our corners that is a whole blog post on its own.

The Ex-Spurs players club

Did anyone notice Clint Dempsey actually played this game? Between him and Berbatov both players that have played for the cunts we have as neighbours I wonder how won the competition for being the most ineffectual and please our name should never be mentioned with Berbatov in the same sentence again dear mainstream media. We would rather play Viviano upfront. So languid I don’t think even he broke sweat during the whole 90 minutes.

All in all it was a good game and it was nice to see Gnabry put up another good performance sadly he didn’t cap it with a goal from that move he had where he dummied two players in the box and shot well but the Fulham keeper saved. Kos and Per no words for them, the way Kos recovered to chase down Bent just goes to show how much a clean sheet means to them. Szczesny with another clean sheet under his belt and Sagna and Monreal showed their quality also. Santi got the goals left foot right foot and deservedly took the MOTM award.

Someone seems happy with the 3 points, looking daper too

Someone seems happy with the 3 points, looking daper too

If that picture doesn’t help you have a great day and week ahead, I don’t know what else can mate. 😉 I understand dressing to come for the game but to get all that suit back on to head home? naaaa…doesn’t just sit right with me…but they do look always though!

So, that’s all I can get in folks, share a comment with us will ya on anything from the game, to Ozil’s performance, or anything Arsenal related use the comments section beneath or tweet at us @canoncrested. Follow we always follow back.

Bye friends…

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Olayinka January 19, 2014 - 7:04 am

Lmaooo!! Sagna is a clown!!!…I’m sure he was dancing to a naija song…overall performance of d team?still needs to be improved on,bt we must all undastand ddt even d invincibles had some games dt we tot dy wld win and we ended up getting a draw…I’m js glad we r beating d teams dt normally wld give us problems..as far as we keep winning,City can score as much as dy like,e no consign us….and to d HULK Poldi,I don’t know aw he keeps his spirit up,,when he was called on to come on,he made a pumped fist sign to d arsenal fans,meaning let’s get ds done!I’m really impressed,wenger has no idea waat it means to av dt kinda positivity in a GERMAN!..I js need wenger to give him a good run of games…as for d girl in d team,she keeps justifying my claims…if giroud keeps doing dt her nonsense,we prolly wld lose d title maybe even end up in 3rd position!we need a MAN to lead the line not a GIRL dts more into applying a jar of gel on her hair instead of scoring goals!its still early in the morning,I won’t let ds girl’s talk spoil my day,I’m going to play game abeg 🙂

SimonSEEZ January 19, 2014 - 10:02 am

Word on the street was that Sagna was doing the Azonto,:)

As for Poldi, the way he interacts with fans, his colleagues and the club in general is just impeccable. We can only wish he reaches the level we know he is capable of.

Girl in the team? Really wish I could watch the Arsenal ladies live, I only see YouTube clip of them once in a while. I suppose you are referring to one of them right?

Abe Taofeeq January 19, 2014 - 7:42 am

It seems really difficult for Wenger at present to throw Poldi back into the starting eleven, but I will at least expect him to play more 2nd half minutes. The problem will be compounded when the likes of Ramsey, Arteta and Ox are fully fit. What we require is to find a way to balance their utilization, and give all a positive feeling that they are as important to the team as any other. I am so wary of another Arshavin (that will fail to turn up when finally given a chance). We don’t have the biggest of squads and Wenger should be able to manage it.

SimonSEEZ January 19, 2014 - 10:05 am

Ozils presence in the team means the left has to be shared between Santi and Poldi. There are still loads of games to be played this season and
I hope Wenger trusts his squad enough to give the likes of Poldi starts in some games. Like the Manager said he is just getting back to fitness so we can expect that he would get more minutes very soon. Congrats Abe on your perfect prediction of the game though. We would contact you soon.

Xavier January 19, 2014 - 1:40 pm

It was a good 3 points. I didn’t really enjoy the environment I watched it in(too many twitchy goners and nay Sayers) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. How awesome would it be if man city got 1000 goals and still come second??? 😀

As for dressing to go back, well, if that doesn’t ooze class I don’t know what else does.

SimonSEEZ January 19, 2014 - 2:15 pm

Yea, nice to have the points. Never really thought of that, I bet if they do score all those goals and not win many songs will be made for them by fans dissing them through out the next season…

chidiandy January 20, 2014 - 9:38 am

Great performance from the lads. If we look from outside the box, you will notice that Cazorla is fighting for that playmaker central role from Ozil and he is winning the battle in my opinion. Cazorla can create a plot of land in a 20 feet caravan and Ozil isn’t helping matters with his workrate input in the games he has played after his injury so far. Yes…Ozil shows flashes of brilliance with his sweet passes but his pressing game when we lose the ball is very poor. I want Ramsey back so that the midfield battle can start again.

SimonSEEZ January 20, 2014 - 7:48 pm

Plot of land in a 20ft caravan? Looool. That’s some analogy. Have to agree with you, there was this interchange between his feet he did sometime in the first half took two players out and had to be brought down at the edge of the area…superb wish I could find the video

About Ozil, guess there is some Arsenal taboo towards calling him out.

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