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Some Spurs, Some Leicester and Some Mou…

by SimonSEEZ

Howdy, hope you are having a great start to your day.  Recent games have seen us play in three competitions and it’s our fourth straight away game as we travel to the King Power today.  I don’t know the inner workings of a football club but certainly there has to be some extra preparation when players and staff have to pack a bag to leave their bases. You might think this is not necessary for the trip to White Hart Lane but don’t kid yourself, that side of London requires more preparation for the Arsenal team than a trip to Australia.

Before every game at WHL, Arsenal players and staff have to spend the day at a secret lab where their current mental state is downloaded and stored on huge servers. On Match Day players must resist all physical contact with Spurs fans to prevent being infected with their special breed of vile and anger.  (Remember them throwing coins at injured Theo Walcott at the Emirates when he lay injured and was being taken off? That’s how vile they are). On return from WHL, Arsenal players and staff would have their brains formatted and the stored mental download reinstalled to ensure the experience at that ground is cleared out and keep purity of mind and body. Grueling experience I tell you.

I hope we get them during our FA Cup run so we can effectively knock them out of both domestic competitions this season. Good riddance. Anyways, its Leicester today and they do look like a good unit, undefeated so far in the league, scoring goals and conceding goals too. That’s why I think we have a good chance against them today. They have a knack for going behind in games and I think we are more than capable of ensuring they do not have one their comeback wins.

This would mean returning Per Metersacker would be required to play at optimal levels to keep the energetic Vardy and Mahrez out of dangerous areas. This task is made more difficult with the absence of Francis Coquelin through injury. The decision on how Arsenal shapes up in midfield would be of key interest as the match day starting eleven is released.  Arteta would seem like a natural replacement but would the manager decide to reward Flamini for his performance at WHL with a start today? Ironically Flamini seemed the more forward of the two players on Wednesday.

This conundrum would have been more interesting should Jack Wilshere have been available as though Wenger rarely deploys him in that role, Jack has featured there for England severally. I think Wenger’s reluctance to buy a defensive midfielder was enhanced by his need to give Jack games in that position. Sadly his earliest possible return is scheduled for December.

Upfront, you would expect Ramsey to return to his role on the right, Theo down the middle and Sanchez on our left. Both managers have been waxing lyrical about themselves

The Leicester boss said: “When I was at Chelsea, they were the Invincibles. That was an unbelievable achievement, so it is surprising they have not won the league since. I don’t know why Arsenal have had to wait so long, because Arsene Wenger is a good manager and he brings in good players.

Wenger said: ‘When Claudio left Chelsea he built the team that was so successful at the start. ‘I remember them finishing second in the league with Ranieri and the team was upcoming with young players like John Terry and Frank Lampard who were the players that contributed to the success of Chelsea. ‘I like him. He has served football in a very positive way. I think he deserves a lot of respect and I don’t see him as a “Tinkerman”.

Wenger’s press conference was really early and I do not know which part of what he said above would have angered the current Chelsea Manager. If the man can also lay claim to Chelsea’s champion’s league success as he laid the foundations, then how is it different from what Wenger said? Actually, the man does not need an excuse to lay into Wenger and he would have even if Arsenal had the weekend off football.

How a question asked about Steve McClaren ended up being a discussion about Wenger surprises me. It’s a shame really that such a very good manager would continually drag himself and his club through the mud. Like I tweeted yesterday, if I worked in the public relations or consumer insight department of Chelsea, I would commission a consulting firm to carry out a global perception survey on the Top 20 teams in the world to see what fans perceive of Chelsea and where they rank.  I feel the result of this survey would show them how much damage the behaviour of people at the club affects their brand.

However, they have on pitch success and might not really care but for any team whose target is to overthrow the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United in terms of trophies and commercial revenue earnings, paying attention to how people perceive your brand is key.  In barely two months, your manager has abused the Real Madrid coach, abused his wife, continually is in the spotlight for abusing Arsene Wenger, a very respected counterpart, abused and publicly maligned his own team doctor in a case that has spiraled to her losing her job, opening the door to potential law suit and action from the FA and all this is happening while the team is putting in a poor defence of the title it won last year? What else can one say really? Maybe PR and branding is really not their forte at the bridge.

The only response Arsene Wenger can give and should give is on the pitch success.  The FA Cup victories have offered the platform for further success and it behooves on the Arsenal manager to take advantage of it. Hope we get a win today. Cheers friends.

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