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Sonnet -(Our Adriot Mystery) – Mesut Ozil

by SimonSEEZ


By @Brainysteppo


To tact and wizardry,  our adroit mystery

Of whom the world lives, in worship of his awesomeness;

Some laud the key assisting passes woven from celestial creativity

Others alike, praise his deft spatial awareness.


Nothing new or old on earth can “shadow” his plenty

Charms, formed to enslave hearts and heads with enchantment;

All of his seeming incomprehensible mesmeric footballing ingenuity

Make defenses, even the most walled, to riot in bewilderment.


To power and to style, our adroit mystery

Whose excellence cannot be re-born when he grows old

To precision and predation, our adroit mystery

Whose game reading and marshalling cannot be left untold.


Complete within himself with pure perfection in full force and sway

Thus, the Master of vision that mothers the height and width of artistic play.




Hope you enjoyed the post. Sometimes, it’s still unbelievable that Mesut Ozil plays for us. What a talent we have on our hands.  You can interact with us on the comments section below or on Twitter @brainysteppo or @canoncrested. 

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Brainy August 21, 2015 - 7:08 am

Don Cross would be proud of this. Ya Gunners Ya

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