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St. Ozil Day : Sunderland vs Arsenal Preview

by SimonSEEZ

Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ

Aanndd we back!! Phew! The Internationals are over, you see I’ve always had this thought, rather than have players fly over continents, have matches organized, all the planning and security issues that come with all the internationals that are played before the real tournaments, why don’t we just use FIFA 14 for all the qualification games so the countries pick one player who plays against another player from another country in the group and then the winner of the group qualifies for the real tournament where real footballers play for the trophy. Doesn’t this Steve Jobs like idea save all of us the trouble of missing our beloved games, players getting injured and the shenanigans of qualifiers? Err… ok, it’s a stupid idea. Just wanted to put the thought out there, don’t hang me yet.

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This break was actually a good one, everything in the Universe worked very well for us. We beat the Spurs, we signed the best player in the world and bar Rosicky all our players are coming back fit. All the news during the break has been about Mesut (everyone calls him Ozil so I am going with Mesut) and how he is the best thing that has happened to the world since Coca-Cola. To be honest I got a bit tired of it. Even the fact that he was starting this game made headlines. An opinion echoed by Arseblog in his Friday ArsecastBlogpost, he played for Germany in Mid-week, what possible reason would you have not to start your most expensive acquisition. To be honest the fact that he was the first player unveiled by the club since Jose ‘I hate London’ Reyes didn’t help the entire buzz over his start. I just can’t wait for him to really start doing what we bought him to do. Kill people or rather, Kill Teams!! Teams are made of people so kill people…err whatever!! You get my point.

So Sunderland it is then, saw this tweet by @OsmanZtheGooner1. Seems they have a knack for being debut games for Arsenal players in recent years. Hopefully this game will end in a victory for us rather than another bore draw.



The team has recovered absolutely well from the opening day defeat to Villa. Champions league qualification and wins over Fulham and Spurs with the signing of Mesut have raised the spirit of the fanbase. The team has a great shape, at the back Szczesny has been solid, Sagna has slotted into the defense very well and we expect him to go back to his traditional position now Koscienly is back, the midfield has worked awesomely , Ramsey has been our best player by miles and Cazorla seems to be back. Special mention for Giroud, a lot of us got abuse for defending him last season. It’s great to see him really start fulfilling all the potential we knew he was capable of.

Our fluid counter attacking football is back and we play away so hopefully the Sunderland fans will demand more from their team making them come forward which should give room for Ozil and Cazorla to do damage. This game last season was really close and Sagna had to fill in as CB and Szczesny had to pull some amazing saves to give us a victory. Hopefully we score early and put our minds at ease.

Missing from the squad areRosicky (hip),Arteta,Oxlade , Podolski , Diaby. Good news is Team Captain Vermaelen is back for the first time since his injury at pre-season.

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With just one point from a possible nine, Sunderland find themselves 19th on the table.  The honeymoon period seems to be over for new manager Paolo Di Canio and after signing over 11 players this season a relegation battle is not what he needs.  Are they QPR in disguise? Hopefully their barren run of wins against us and in the league this season will continue.

Recent signing Fabio Borini signed on loan from Liverpool hopes to open his account and stay fit this season. I remember my friend @theOHbee talking about how Borini would set the league alight when he joined and he even used him in his fantasy soccer team. Lol. Nothing felt better than his barren spell.  Am certain Borini would be just as ineffective against us.


Sunderland 0 – Arsenal 3 (Giroud 2, Walcott 1, Ozil 2 assists)

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Hopefully we have a great day at the Stadium of Light, Ozil has a great day and all is well with the Arsenal. Have a great day friends!!



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