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Stillness and Speed, Woj Signs and BFG supports Charity.

by SimonSEEZ

Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ

Right into the interlull, wonder why we fuss about it so much? Do we really hate our countries or its just dislike for the International games? Most countries played two games over the period and that’s enough to satisfy any footballing desires so why do we complain as much as we do. Aside from Nigeria, I love to watch England and France in International tournaments (thankfully, France just went through..Lovely) and it felt wrong to me seeing Gooners celebrate the fact Koscienly got a red card which ruled him out of the this second encounter against Ukraine and hence was going to get a week’s rest for our game against Southampton. As unglorified as we seem to make the World Cup now because of the quality we see in the Champions league it’s still a competition that most players would love to participate in and win.

Haven’t done much writing during this interlull, sometimes there is just nothing to say or you just can’t find the words to say it, but it’s mostly because I’ve been reading. On my annual vacation so loads of time on my hands. In my post about Sports Biographies, I said I wasn’t likely ever going to read Fergie’s  auto bio and a reader was kind enough to send it to me, I was obliged to read it, wasn’t bad, wasn’t great either. Thankfully like the biblical wedding in Cana I saved the best wine for last. Bergkamp’s Stillness and Speed what an awesome book.


It’s an amazing book and it’s so wonderfully written you don’t have to be an Arsenal fan to fall in love with it. It gives you real insight to how things actually work in a club that we don’t see. From his time at Ajax, Inter Milan, Arsenal and the Dutch National team, Bergkamp lets us into a whole lot of into what shaped him into what he was. He accommodates so many players, coaches, assistants and even people whose opinion differed from his especially with regards to his time at Inter Milan have their say in his book. Who does that?

He writes a lot about his relationship with Johan Cruyff, Van Gaal, Dutch Legends (Gullit , Rijkaard and Van Basten), Wenger, Ian Wright, Tony Adams and his special relationship with Arsenal physio Gary Lewin and kitman Vic Ackers. He lets us in also into his phobia for flying, how it started and how he came about the decision of refusing to fly and the effect it had on his career.  There is so much in its worth every penny or Kobo you decide to spend on it. Don’t take my word for it, get it and find out yourself.


In some more recent Arsenal related issue, Wojciech Szczesny has signed a new deal with the club. The official statement on the clubs official website says long term deal and doesn’t give too much financial detail on the deal as expected from a club as media conscious as Arsenal. His performances this season is sure deserving of this deal and once again Wenger shows us why we should trust him more with players. Wilshere tweeted immediately after it was announced how happy he was Woj signed a new deal and stated he was the best keeper in the league. The stats sure agree with Wilshere, we did a piece on Woj before the Liverpool game and you can read it here.

Post : Wojciech Szczesny : This one is a keeper

mertesacker_crop_exactChristmas is almost here and the spirit of giving is upon us, Arsenal has shown over the years to be a club with a heart and contributes hugely to its community through the clubs Arsenal Foundation so it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the players have charities that they support.  The club has in fact dedicated its December 8th game to The Arsenal Foundation and the manager and all the players would be donating a day’s wages to the foundation.  Over one million pounds have been donated by the club since the Foundations inception since 2012. However, Per Mertesacker in support of his Stiftung charity and to generate funds for it he advertised this shirt on his face book acct for sale with proceeds going to the charity. We love the club and wear the jerseys proudly, how about we wear something that shows more than love for the club and actually lends a hand to helping someone. You can buy the shirt from the official retailer by clicking this link http://www.fcspielraum.de/product_info.php/products_id/541/   or if you are in Nigeria and would love to have it sends us a mail at contactus@canoncrested.com with subject BFG Support and if we get five people interested, CanonCrested will cover the shipping cost of the shirts for all five. That’s the least we can do yea…

Have a great day Gooners!!! Should have a post up before the preview against Southampton, if we dont? Sorry, really need to finish a few more books!!


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