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The AGM – Arsenal German League

by SimonSEEZ

Howdy friends, hope you are having a great week, it’s that time of the week when your body starts to react to all the stress of a working week and the only way to stay happy is the fact that the weekend is nigh added to that Arsenal play on Friday giving Friday night hangouts a whole new meaning.

Its transfer window season and  there doesn’t seem to be much activity happening around big clubs this window at least for now aside from Chelsea signing Matic and the rumoured move of Juan Mata to United, maybe one big signing might have a ripple effect across a number of clubs like Gervinho to Roma, Lamela to Spurs, Bale to Real, Ozil to Arsenal kind of spiral effect, not saying any of that was true but then again I wouldn’t reject any series of transfers that see us landing a major striker that can give us another lift as the season draws to a close.

Most of the rumours have been looking towards us signing a striker from Germany with Draxler heavily mentioned and if the captain of the Arsenal German camp has anything to do with it he would welcome such an addition to his growing academy. In his words

We already have a small German Academy here. It’s a lot of fun that German discipline and the special talent is valued here’ Per speaking to Spox.com

I didn’t watch Arsenal under George Graham but I have read a lot about his effect on the team Wenger met on his arrival at the club, however I witnessed the French revolution at Arsenal where Wenger showed his eye for spotting foreign talent especially from the French league. He was hugely criticized for it and just listening to commentators and pundits during games when I started watching the league it was normal to hear the complaints of how many foreigners Arsene fielded and how they almost seemed to blame him for all of England’s National team unsuccessfulness.


The tide seems to be turning towards Germany and when you hear Per use words like ‘German discipline’ to describe the attitude that they have you can understand why the manager would be looking towards that country to find players to improve the squad. I feel Wenger looked towards Germany too late actually and now the bubble has burst and the world is now aware of the kind of talent that has been developing there over the years. With the kind of scouting networks that clubs have these days combing every nook and cranny of the world looking for talent how we didn’t milk the German market enough beats me especially since the players there would have met the usual indices the manager looks at with most of his foreign signings, young , technically aware and cheap .

Better late than never they say, our current crop of Germans are proving to be worth the wait. Per might not have won player of the month largely because of the form Aaron Ramsey showed early on but overall he is by far the best player in the team and it’s not just his performances on the pitch but the way he leads other members of the team, always screaming and demanding more from his colleagues Tony Adams style. I was listening to The AFC Podcast by the guys at The Bergkamp Wonderland and a poll was taken as to who should be the Arsenal captain and everyone on there said Per. His Facebook message to Theo when the news of his ACL injury was released showed how much of a leader he is without even wearing the band.

Ozil’s signing might not been as explosive on the pitch as we would have hoped for now but we know he will come good.  Just in the same way Per brings more to this team than his on the pitch performances Ozil’s signing seems to have done more for the clubs image than his stats on the pitch have so far. In one man the image of being a club that sells its best players changed to one that signs the best players, a club that is a developing ground for talent became a club where developed players can come to blossom, all of a sudden we are called in the bracket of clubs that can spend big once again and then his effect on the other players is summarized by Cazorla’s comments

‘….We were talking about it: its close…it could happen….they’ve agreed…’ then one day the manager said: ‘We’ve signed Mesut.’ And the happiness was immense. ‘– SantiCazorla

Just goes to show like fans, these players follow the news and feel the pressure just like us too. A German sure feeling the pressure is Podolski as his position in the team is the most threatened and being hampered by Injury hasn’t helped his cause. Ozil’s arrival has forced Santi off to the left side of midfield and Podolski is struggling to find games, his expression at not coming on at the game at Aston Villa and his punch in the air when he was coming on against Fulham both shows how much he wants to be a part of this team.Poldi is a fan favourite due to his persona on social media and the pictures that come out of the club. What can you say about the guy that unveiled Ozil giving him his first Arsenal jersey when we all thought he was in London injured.  I have been a big fan of Poldi since his days in the Bundesliga and as fans we all love for someone like Poldi to be successful at the club.

Three established Germans and one joining the ranks. Serge Gnabry has shown by his appearances thus far that he sure is one for the future. He seems to have an air of confidence that is far beyond his years, what impresses me the most about him is the way he seems very strong and is very aware of where and what to do with the ball on the pitch. With Theo out we can expect to see more of him this season and with fellow Germans Eisfeld and Zelalem in the youth setup I suppose we can all expect to see a full German revolution at the club especially if we sign Draxler. Another German I think can do a great job for our club would be Sami Khedira , injured now but we know the kind of quality he brings to the German national team and Madrid when he plays and with Arteta getting to the end of his career someone like Sami would be perfect fit to fill in his position. Maybe one day we can see Arsenal line up this;


Now tell me if that doesn’t look like a very well-oiled Arsenal German Machine…that’s all folks. Have yourself an awesome day.  Interact with us on our comments section beneath or on Twitter on @canoncrested.

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We should have a preview of the Carling Cup game on the site, Until then keep the Canons in your heart!

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Abe Taofeeq January 23, 2014 - 7:55 am

This is a very nice article on our German contingent.
I will so much love it if we add Draxler to the rank very soon, and Reus in the nearest future. My headache now is the rumoured swap deal involving Podolski which I am finding so hard to believe though. Poldi may not be the most explosive on the pitch, but in him we have a loyal ambassador closely connected to the fans. How many players would you see in games involving other age grades and ladies? And with his ever-smiling mood he is someone I believe can contribute immensely to the growing morale of the team this season and beyond.

SimonSEEZ January 23, 2014 - 9:02 am

Thanks Abe,

Just struck me that Poldi hardly ever completed a game last season, always subbed. Does it mean Wenger knows something that we don’t? Would love to see Draxler and sure you would love to keep Poldi too but I guess some decisions are to be made purely on a business basis and maybe this is one of them. Lets see how it plays out, like i wrote in the post huge fan of Poldi and would love for him to do well

Olayinka A. January 23, 2014 - 9:10 am

Very nice write up….and like u rightly said…we went to Germany abit too late bt better late than never….as for Draxler,i dont know him…i dont have any idea what he can do…i dont even like the idea of converting him to a striker cos dts wat i read…so naturally i am not inclined to d guy…what i know is that i wont like it if Prince Poldi is part of a swap deal…he doesnt deserve that kind of treatment from the club….

SimonSEEZ January 23, 2014 - 11:48 am

He actually is very good, young and technical. Read a bit about how he plays and watched videos. But I really don’t know where the convert to striker story came from, I think it was John Cross. He’ll we haven’t even signed the guy and there are stories of converting him already. If we are signing a striker we should sign one not a conversion experiment

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