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The CanonCrested Arsenal Prediction League Table ….

by SimonSEEZ

Gooners ,

And it’s a wrap my friends, we wrap up the first season of our prediction league with @Dozieben2 and @Heywhydoth winning! Amazing run from @heywhydoth who has never lead the league until last week but always stayed close to the top and now he has been rewarded for his hard work.

@Enigma106 made a similar run but couldn’t scale the last hurdle to surpass @Dozieben2. The difference between the top three sides in our Div I  league was just 2 points. Goes to show how close it was , interesting stuff. Sadly for the only female player on the  league @VictoriaBlings , she led her Division for long periods but just lost it last week with her late prediction. We salute her as we look forward to having more females when we begin a new season in January.

So Congratulations to @DozieBen2 and @Heywhydoth on your victories. Also congratulations to @Enigma106 and @VictoriaBlings on coming second.We would be sending you your gifts and winners medals in a few days. To everyone that played we say a huge huge thank you and to everyone who has visited this page,we say Thank You.

Have a splendid New year friends

It’s a bigger season starting in January and If you would like to join  and you can send a mail to competitions@canoncrested.com  to indicate interest. Much better prizes and it promises to be more fun!

Grading system

Correct Prediction (CP)                  – Win, Draw or Loss – 2 points

Perfect Prediction(PP)                   – 3 extra points

First Goal scorer (FGS)                   – 1 extra point

Previous Total (P-TOT)                   – Total from the previous week

Division I

@Dozieben2NCFC 1-3 AFC20023436
@Enigma106NCFC 1-2 AFC20023335
@Olayinka321NCFC 1-3 AFC20023234
@ReallyCrossRossNCFC 1-2 AFC20022628
@AsccheimNCFC 1-2 AFC20132326
@ChidiAndyNCFC 2-2 AFC00002323

Division II

@HetwhydotNCFC 1-2 AFC20132326
@VictoriaBlingsNCFC 1-2 AFC20022224
@jayjosh90NCFC 1-2 AFC20022022
@dr_odahNCFC 2-2 AFC00002121
@bolz_odetNCFC 1-2 AFC20021517
dosinclairNCFC – AFC000077

 Remember to send in your predictions early to competitions@canoncrested.com and check our competitions page one hour before the game to see what your rivals predicted.



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Dozie December 29, 2013 - 4:40 pm

Buzzing topping the league I hope it translates to an arsenal trophy come May

Tony Okike December 29, 2013 - 6:58 pm

Almost predicted 1-0 in today’s game. I woulda come first if I did

Congratulations DozieBen

Dozie December 30, 2013 - 5:09 pm

Was a close one really very tight

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nmdb January 13, 2014 - 7:34 am

New kid on the block,hope i catch up with the league leaders soon

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