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Tierney is a fan of Arteta’s methods

by Koolkola

Arsenal are currently in a torrid moment, as we have recorded a series of bad results and players form seem to get poorer by the week.

There have been suggestions from some quarters that the players might be falling out of love with Arteta’s methods. Tierney has however debunked that in a recent interview he had.

The Scottish left back spoke highly about our manager’s methods and pointed out how much he is learning working with the Spaniard.

Asked what the boss has brought to his game, Tierney told Sweden’s Fotboll Podcast: “An understanding of football. Honestly, the way he understands the game, the way he talks about the game has made me see it in a different way, made me understand different aspects that I’ve never understood before.


“Different tactical points of view, a new way of playing, a new way of working. I’m loving every single minute of it. That’s one thing I’d say, I feel like I’m learning about football more than I ever have.”


Asked for an example of how Arteta and his team work to help him out on the pitch, Tierney explained: “When we play against different opposition, who throw different challenges at you every single week, the coaches obviously look at the other team, how we’re going to play against them and who is going to press us.


“If someone from a certain area presses us, who in our team should be available to receive the ball. Stuff like that makes our game much easier on the ball.


“It’s brilliant, especially for a defender who is being high pressed, to know where your options are going to be. That’s the thing, we want to be one brain as a team and I think we’re working towards that and we’re going in the right direction.”

The left back has however not denied how much of a bad situation we are in and he admits how frustrating it has been.

“It’s been very frustrating. We want to win these games if we want to be competing up at the top of the table. You need to win them. We’ve had a few good results as well, there are positives. As I’ve said before, it’s not something that’s just going to change overnight and click but it’s something where we’re all sure that we’re going in the right direction, we all believe that 100 per cent.”


“We know we need to score more goals, the league table doesn’t lie about that stuff. It’s not as if we need to change anything drastic. What we’re doing in training is the right things, it just needs to click in one game and I’m sure it’ll come soon.”

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