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Time to ‘Re-Stoke’ Stoke – Preview

by SimonSEEZ

It’s been that kind of week yea, nothing happening, all quiet, absolutely nothing to write or moan about..that is what happens when you win games. Fans can’t argue, the press have nothing to write about and it’s just funny how far they can go to get a story. To be fair to the guys on mainstream media, they are paid to write, they get all the free press passes to the games and you know they just have to come up with something to justify their pay so when you see stuff like the badgering Wenger almost got at the presser over giving the players two days off then it gives you an idea how low people can go to get something to write about.

After the highs of the ‘specialist of failure’ back and forth and then the Ozil bashing, and then how hard they tried to make a story out of the Flamini and Wilshere incident like it’s possible for everyone to get along 100% of the time with their colleagues and then they moved to BREAKING!!! OZIL DROPPED FOR SUNDERLAND GAME DUE TO POOR FORM!!! headlines it seemed like there was absolutely nothing for them to talk about again so they had to go with ‘Wenger why you give your lads two days off’ , seriously? Wont honour the question with trying to answer it and in any case Wenger did a perfect job of answering them but seriously, if you called some guy from Sky, or the Daily Fail or maybe the Mirror and said, Cherrio mate, you get 2 days off work with full pay would they take it? My guess is they would with ARMS WIDE OPEN ‘cos I surely would. Maybe next time they come badgering Wenger can just point in the direction of Stamford Bridge and say ‘you want a story, just run along over there am pretty certain your special one can have a thing or two for you  eh’..

We play Stoke next , …………………., you see does dotted lines right there, it wasn’t an error, nah friends, it was on purpose and its meant for you to insert any form of vile words you can use to describe Stoke and trust me they deserve it. You see hating Stoke should be some form of therapy session to let out all the hatred you have in your heart. Watched a movie once can’t remember the name where the whole story line was about having one day in the year when everyone was allowed to get mad and let out all the anger and retribution they had in them and for the rest of the year everything is normal, playing Stoke should be like that, an opportunity to plant, grow and harvest all the manner of abuse you have in your system on a football team. You can confess your sins afterwards but honestly that is what they deserve for their attitude towards us since they almost gave Shawcross a crown for breaking Ramsey’s leg into two.


Never seen such a breed of twats and as fans travelling there really hasn’t been easy for us in recent years. Strangely the last time we won there was in 2010 when Ramsey had the injury and I don’t know if our players are haunted by that story as most of them weren’t there then anyways but we need to put up a  much better performance than we have had there in recent years. While playing for fourth and getting a draw at Stoke might not be a bad thing, going for the premier league means victories at grounds like this are essential to our plight.

Ozil would be getting a lot of views today (as if he wasn’t watched enough) due to all the hullabaloo that went down with him been out of the match day squad for Sunderland. Wenger says we would see a new Ozil and we are all hoping we see that, anything close to his performance when ‘Stoked Stoke’ at the Emirates with Ozil coming up with all the assists that day would be fine and should see him get back to the abilities we know he is capable of. Giroud was the focus last week as he too was returning from his rest and he passed his test in flying colours and hopefully he continues in that form today. You really don’t want to remember Girouds performance against Stoke last year when he first joined and he certainly did miss some sitters. Pretty certain it’s on youtube if you are the kind of guy that likes to remind yourself of people’s failures, I’m not so I won’t bother. J

We have some problem at Left back, Gibbs is out, Monreal ate too much cake during his birthday party some time during the week, actually he has something with his ankle and it we have a few combinations that could work there.  Sagna could play there and Jenkinson could play left , Jenkinson looks like that kind of guy that would love to hurt some Stoke players or we could play Vermaelen as left back, he has played there in the past even though it wasn’t a good experience and we could pull one from the attic and have Flamini play there.

That’s the manager’s job and I always fail with making predictions for line ups so I won’t bother guessing what decision the manager would reach. I hope we enjoy it and sadly Ramsey won’t be there to score against them and tell all the orcs to shut up again but I’m pretty sure he has asked anyone that scores to do it on his behalf. It’s been sometime we beat them at home and today will be a good day to start. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!

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Temi March 1, 2014 - 8:43 am

Relishing the opportunity to pile more misery on those mechanics (Stoke players) calling themselves footballers!

SimonSEEZ March 1, 2014 - 8:48 am

you would think they cant get any worse and every year they create a new level of stupidity. did you see message boards on a Stoke fans forum and all what they said they would sing for Aaron Ramsey?

Ahmad March 1, 2014 - 10:48 am

Getin d max 3point against d mechanics wud really boost our title hope. I hope jenk get d chance 2play n break deir jaws…deir style is odd n irritatin.

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