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Tough Tests begin September – Arsenal

by SimonSEEZ

Our bread and butter is back!!!  The Internationals really is just one weekend without football, but it surely does feel longer whenever it comes around. Have you ever tried explaining to someone who doesn’t follow football how having International games and Arsenal play on weekends are two completely different things? I did last weekend and trust me when I tell you never ever to try it. They won’t get it and you would have exhausted a lot of your energy. I have already suffered on your behalf so do yourself some good and take my free advice.

International breaks are painful but it is even worse when your teams fails to win going into it. For instance, you lose against Man City this weekend and you have a quick game against Dortmund to get over it unlike the loss (rather draw, feels like a loss to me) against Leicester we had to live with for almost 2 weeks.

We come back straight from the break to a really tough game against last season’s winners, Manchester City on a ground where everyone likes to remind us we conceded six without stating the fact that we also scored 3 also on the day. Would I rather lose 3-0 than 6-3? I’ll take the latter any day, and to be fair to us we should have turned that game over at some point when it was 3-1, but that’s all history now.

We might have finished just 7 points from the leaders last season but considering the margin of defeats we suffered at their grounds we looked like we were a lot more points behind them.  Recently we haven’t really had a lot of big away wins to celebrate and the game against City will prove to be a big test. Arsenal has strengthened but all through this season we have struggled to play with any form of cohesion. The good part is we haven’t lost yet and that is a quality the team is developing, the comeback against Everton was lovely but these are situations we could do well avoiding.

The official site is reporting only Ramsey as a doubt for tomorrow and to prove how this is not much of an issue they went further to inform us of the potential availability of Abou Diaby. Midfield is not an area of the pitch where we have problems as there is a plethora of options in that area. I guess the good thing about BFG retiring from football means we have a fewer games where our player is exposed to injuries of the nature that Ozil and Ramsey suffered and he is well rested for this encounter.

The real interest will be where the manager decides to play and if he decides to start Welbeck. Much have been spoken, blogged and tweeted about how it seems we do not have an idea about how to use our forwards thus far and with the manager reluctant to use Sanchez continually in the central forward role one would expect that Welbeck would fill the central position. Sanogo has shown how raw he is, and even his greatest supporters would have to admit that he doesn’t have the ability to start a game or come on as an impact sub should we ever need one. A loan spell at a club that he would be guaranteed a lot of games would surely do his long-term football some good.

Who remembers at this stage last season when we were on a roller coaster winning everyone in front of us and the media went on about how Arsenal were succeeding because of easier fixture list and the term “test’ was bandied about?

“We won’t rate Arsenal until they pass their tests in November?”  they said.. Then we scaled that and they said ‘December’? and we scaled that and they said ‘January”  before they had their wish and we finally capitulated towards the end of February.  I wonder what that narrative will be now considering we have played Besiktas, Everton and now Manchester City.

This week would prove to be a tough week for Arsenal as we play City and we then our toughest game in the Group stage Dortmund. These are the kind of games, Legends are born. I wonder which Arsenal player has the ability to take the games and lead his team on. Football now is so much of a team game but it would be nice to have a new cult hero from one of the players in this team. Ramsey seems to have the ingredients, Wilshere has the british grit, BFG has the persona hopefully someone comes out and makes himself a statue out of this bunch.

It’s important that we do not panic, even if we concede early in the game against City, the whole going gung-ho to try and score while exposing yourself to more damage was the reason we kept shipping it in last season  at these lunch time kick offs. We cannot afford to repeat this again as the effect on our psyche could start going deeper than the surface. One of my favorite quotes

Fire a main who never makes mistakes, fire a man who makes the same mistakes twice.

We cannot have two seasons in a row where we are humiliated by our direct rivals at their grounds. Tests are meant to be taken, tests are meant to passed, we hope Arsene and Arsenal have the skills to pass these ones. Cheers friends, hopefully it  will be a great start to the weekend. Interact with us on the comments section below or on Twitter on @canoncrested.

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