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Twas Supposed to be St. Ozil Day!!

by SimonSEEZ

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That Ramsey fella sure doesn’t know his place. Didn’t he get the memo? How dare he try to steal the spotlight? 2 goals!! Is he mad? He must be!! I have never been angrier in my life.

But it didn’t start that way. I was very happy at some point. St Özil was all bright and shiny like only a new acquisition can be and boy, is he class. Every touch silky and delicate. I salivated. His movement, graceful. His passes, precise. I had fallen in love. “Yup, this boy has got it”, I thought. Then, he outdid himself. He CONTROLLED a long ball from Gibbs, looked up and then set up Giroud – whose birthright now is scoring Arsenal’s first goal every match. Think Adebayor, then you understand why ‘controlled’ is in caps. There was this rush all over me,  I must have ejaculated. Can’t be so sure because I forgot to check, I was quite busy still being amazed. He didn’t stop there, he decides Boy-wonder should benefit from his goodness as well but boy-wonder was having a not-so-good day. Twice, he shot straight at the keeper. He saved my life. 2 more of such ‘ejaculation’ in such a short time and I would have gone. Thank you, Boy-wonder!!!

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The second half starts and Di Canio decides Craig Gardner is the messiah. Sends him in but not before whispering,”that guy wearing 11 is the anti-christ. Stop him. Save mankind”. And so he did – scoring from the spot and then getting really rough on our jewel. I still wasn’t angry, even then.But, Ramsey decided to take matters into his own hands and that really got me angry. First, he scored a beauty from outside the box, a sumptuous volley from a Carl Jenkinson cross, and then he finished a beautiful one touch move that involved himself, Özil and Giroud. What was he thinking? It is afterall not called St Ramsey day.

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ozil giroud

Special mentions go out to Giroud, who has become indispensable in that team. The best striker in the Premierleague at the moment in my opinion. No one combines with other players quite like him. 2 words for Flamini, ‘welcome back’.

All in all, it was a great day at the office and as much as the devil tried to use Ramsey today, his plans failed. Happy St Özil Day to the ArseNation

*Boy-Wonder refers to Theo Walcott

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