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Twenty Heartily Cheers – Arsene Wenger

by SimonSEEZ

Ode To Arsene Wenger by @brainysteppo

An eulogy to commemorate 20 years of service by one of the greatest men the world has ever seen. To be frank, words cannot describe what the mind thinks nor the emotions that showers through the spine. For most of us, we wouldn’t be Gooners today, if Arsene hadn’t tread the paths of Highbury.

At some point, a popular narrative in my country, Nigeria was that the Club was named after him; and if it was to be; it’ll be very well deserved.



To one, who didn’t turn back on our tomorrow

Just to live with yesterday’s current events,

Nor abandoned us solely in our sorrow

When the Princes of Gold came with better stipends

When we were weary and in need for form

And when we had a joy we do so crave for.

In you we’ve seen as crystal as a returning day

That there is no night without a dawning

And that at the tail end of a frightening tunnel,

Worlds break into a brighter day.

For all the 20 years and the battle you fought,

We bring a million praise to your winning wrought

“Serene will be our days and bright

And happy our nature will be”

And these periods of shine and light

Are due to the spirit of self-sacrifice you give.

Nothing is Past and Nothing is Lost;

For we’ve gained more than we could ever lose.


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