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Unai Emery explain reason for Europa league performances

by Koolkola

Unai Emery faced the press ahead of tonight’s Europa League match against Victoria at the Emirates. The coach who has come under heavy  fire from fans since the Sheffield loss spoke about how everyone’s inclusion helps the team perform better in the Europa League.

On the Europa League performances

Good afternoon, we are trying to prepare for each match thinking about how we can win and improve. Every competition is very important for us. The Premier League is first for us but the Europa League is also important for us and is a way of showing how we are improving. We want to finish first in our group and do something important in the Europa League. Each match is very important to use different players to play and show how we are progressing. It’s going to be important for us.

on the freedom the team has shown in the Europa League…

We used a lot of different players to find out how we can achieve the best performance with them. Then we can also make some changes in the Europa League and Premier League, thinking every time about the injuries or problems with some players. Having lots of players available to play will help us get that performance we need in each competition.

The team will have an opportunity to bounce back from Monday’s defeat tonight against Victoria. For a lot of the fans, they feel Unai Emery isn’t the man to take us forward.

Do you think he’s the man to take us forward?

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