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Unai Emery – When I arrived here, being competitive was worse

by Koolkola

Unai Emery has told the fans to take a trip down memory lane and remember how the team was not competitive enough when he arrived. The Spaniard insisted that he has made the team more competitive.

Speaking before the Europa League match, he told fans to be calm and follow the process, that the team will get there.

He said, “Sometimes we forget the memory and we need to remember.

“When I arrived, this team needed to be more competitive. Arsenal, in their history, were winning 1-0 and being very competitive, but it was not enough.

“Then the process of being competitive and with improved creativity. When I arrived here, the creativity was more or less good, but being competitive was worse.

“It was not enough. I think last year I started to improve being competitive, also with some very good matches playing with creativity.

“This year we are in that process, but also with patience because our strategy as a club has some new players and young players.

“We are being competitive. With our creativity, maybe we have lost a little, but I know we are going to ­recover that.

“I want to show our supporters our energy and our intensity ­because I think that is something we improved last year and this year.

“There are a lot of supporters with different opinions. Some want more creativity, some want maybe more intensity, more energy.

“I want both. My way is both.

“My idea is to be competitive, with creativity. Our creativity sometimes is good, sometimes very good and sometimes worse.

“We have time and we have very young players, who we are giving confidence, minutes in the Premier League to adapt to the rhythm we want. We are in a process. Here, the most important is the club, the strategy of the club, the team, the group.

“Our job is finding how we can improve and get better in our way, and one is creativity.

“We are winning at home, but I think we can win and we can also be more clear in our style, improving maybe that creativity.”

Bearing in mind that we failed to make top four last season, and got beaten in the Europa League final 4-1.

Do you think Unai is right on this one?




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