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Vardy IN….Vardy OUT

by SimonSEEZ

It’s that time of the football season again when the desire for shiny new players clouds most of our reasoning. YouTube videos, statistics, ITK’s and journalists become the barometer for our measuring our happiness per time.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of transfer season. Not that I don’t like new acquisitions but simply because of the circus that the whole event has become due to constant news feeds we now all follow. Fans now expect the average life span of a signing to last at most 48 hours.

From the first time an ITK tweets that Arsenal is linked to a player, to it being replicated by all news media, to manufactured quotes, to 5 reasons why the identified player would fit into Arsenal, to all Arsenal news aggregators running it on Twitter, to the photoshopped versions of the player in an Arsenal kit,to Arsenal confirming interest, to a possible medical, to photo shoot, and final announcement by the club. All this is expected to conclude in 24-48 hours else there is a meltdown. In all of this, we forget real life events don’t happen as fast as our TweetDeck timelines.

In truth, however, these things take time, and there are several parties involved, and sometimes, little details need to be addressed. The Jamie Vardy case is a typical example of how we all have gotten engrossed in this kind of mad circus around transfers. In five days most Arsenal fans have gone through at least four emotional states.

Friday – Wenger needs to sign a striker now
Sunday – Reduced version of Saturday’s state as no medicals ha taken place
Monday – Don’t get on the plane Vardy
Tuesday – F**K Off Vardy, if you have to think about joining Arsenal then you don’t deserve Arsenal

Would have been nice if a study was conducted on at least 100 Arsenal fans to learn if there are far-reaching effects of these mood swings. It would have been nice if a study was performed on at least 100 Arsenal fans to determine if there are profound implications of these mood swings. As is, Vardy knows that this is possibly the last opportunity for him to sign for a big club and he is well within his rights to think it through. As much as we consider Arsenal the bigger and more ambitious destination, leaving Leicester would still be some decision for the 29-year-old. It is my wish, however, that when he makes that decision, it is in our direction.

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