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by SimonSEEZ

Thanks for visiting our Prediction League Page.

The idea behind having a league was to bring some more fun to the Arsenal match day experience for all of us fans of the club. The League is pretty simple. All you have to do is register and on match day you predict the scoreline of the Arsenal game and the first Arsenal player to score.

Our Scoring system is

Scoring System

Correct Prediction (outcome of game -Win, Draw , Loss) – 2 Points

Perfect Prediction (Scoreline ) – 3 Points

First Goal Scorer (correctly predicting the First Arsenal player to score) – 1 Point

Maximum points you can get per game is 6 points and every game previous points earned are added to your new points earned and you move up or down the table like a regular football league.

Click here to Register : http://canoncrested.com/register/

Click here to Predict games:  http://canoncrested.com/predictions/

Lets have fun. That is what being a Gooner should feel like.

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