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We all update every year like a computer

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta will reach a milestone in his management career in charge when he faces Watford at the Emirates on Sunday

He has had a huge amount to contend with during his time with the Gunners, so how would he sum it all up?

“An incredible and big journey! A lot has happened, not only at the football club but around the world,” Arteta said.

“That obviously has had a huge impact in everything that we have lived in the last two years. But I am so privileged to be where I am and I am really enjoying the opportunity and the challenge that we have ahead.

“[Now it] is about momentum and trying to pick it up and settle those foundations that we want, to give us performances and results, but also to build a sense of unity that is building around the club, with our people, with our players and the way we are playing and transmitting and for me, this is just as important.”

So how has Mikel changed over the past two years?

“I think we all update any year like any computer!” he said.

“With everything that has happened to us, even more so. I am different, I see things differently, you evolve in certain ways, you learn a lot of things. We keep evolving.

“To have experience in something doesn’t mean that you’ve experienced all things that could happen in that journey, but for sure there have been some necessary things that have happened, some challenges and others beautiful to go through, but as I said, I’m really enjoying the moment and the opportunity that I have ahead of me.”

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