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Welcome Welbeck : Will learn to love you!

by SimonSEEZ

Wow!! It’s over.

Finally we can now focus on what we have rather than what we wished we had, at least for the next 4 months click friendly posts of Arsenal being linked to every Tom, Dick and Redknapp would ease away. This window has had its share of success to be fair to the club but like I wrote in my post yesterday, when you benchmark our activity vis a vis our competitors we fall short in areas that we really should have strengthened.

I hate transfer dead line day to be honest, too many stories, too many agents trying to force issues and make stories to generate interest in their players, Sky TV presenters posing in front of fans and cameras all around England trying to paint a picture that they really do have something to share. The whole zipping from one stadium to another just feels to me like someone is actually trying to force my mind to think and act in a certain way.  I love football but deadline day is the day I have decided to prove to myself I can stay away from the madness that we have come to worship and if that involves sacrificing internet for one day, so be it.

Who really needed that rant! No one actually….I apologize

Anyways, to more serious things, we needed a striker, a defensive midfielder and a center back. We got just one of the three in Danny Welbeck. I’m not sure there is an Arsenal fan in this world that would have looked at all the strikers in the world and said “hei Arsene, Danny Welbeck is the guy we need to take us into the Promise Land”, maybe I might be wrong. There actually might be a few Arsenal fans that wanted Welbeck but I didn’t.

Watching the Liverpool last weekend with my buddy @theOHbee and we were speaking about Mario Balotelli and how much we didn’t want him at the club due to his tendency to divide dressing rooms and make headlines that are completely unrelated to football, but signing Danny Welbeck for the same amount he was signed makes me think I’ll rather have Mario and his troubles.

Overall I think Danny will be ahead of Sanogo and Campbell, you don’t spend 16m on someone to put him on the bench except you are Manchester City and if you are looking for positives, he actually offers some aerial threat, has good link up play, presence in the final third and makes some really good runs however his final finishing is not the standard that we desire from an Arsenal forward and hopefully Wenger can turn his rough edges into a shiny diamond.

Why we didn’t get a defender only Arsene knows, I think its means that Hector Bellerin is Debuchy’s deputy and Chambers is our third choice center back. We went with just three central defenders last season and I feel we were lucky to survive. We have to say a prayer from now till January that none of our Per or Kos pick up any serious injury and that would leave us with just Chambers. Chambers looks like one that isn’t too far off from a red card too and then we really are f****d.

Another window goes, and yet again we end it unfulfilled. I’m pretty sure Chelsea and City fans were not all over the internet as much as Arsenal fans were yesterday because they got their business done early, properly and fixed the loopholes they found in their team. I don’t think anyone will ever understand how Wenger operates, we just hope that he really knows what he is doing.

Welcome to Arsenal Daniel Nii Tackie Mensah “Danny” Welbeck !!! Your best days are ahead of you.


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Dozie September 2, 2014 - 8:52 am

Welbeck… fingers crossed

SimonSEEZ September 2, 2014 - 9:02 am

Really Really Crossed!

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