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What a Champions League Spot Means for Arsenal….

by SimonSEEZ

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24th minute and our most improved player just put us ahead in the 2nd  leg of the Champions League qualifier at the emirates. Yea, writing this post while the game is going on.  My blogging life is still in its infancy having written a little under ten posts. Always wondered how Football journalists that work for top news sites have a whole game post up on their websites minutes after the game is over. Did I say minutes? Seconds in some instances, so I have set myself a target to finish this post once the game is over, that’s an even harder task considering I have my little son tugging at my laptop power cable and trying to press my keys.


To more serious things, so what does a champions league spot mean, it hands us a place in Europe’s most elite competition for sure. Considering I am African I really don’t care about the Euros. We have qualified for this competition for 16 straight years and while Wenger would love to remind us of that at every presser before a champions league game, our best performance since our spectacular run to that Final defeat to Barcelona is a Semi Final loss in 2009 to Man Utd……damn, 47’ it seems Podolski has pulled a hamstring! Last thing we need right now…… Wenger, especially if this is his final season needs to make us competitive in this competition. Qualifying should by no means be a standard for the Club. In the last 3 editions we have crashed out in the Round of 16, this is not helped by the fact that we have a knack for making what seems like an easy group to qualify from seem like a group of death. We end up qualifying second and then get a tough team in the 2nd round. Wengers excuse always is that if you are going to win the Champions league you would have to meet those teams anyways but who says we have to meet them early on. We need to win our group stages and win it convincingly, there is no guarantee you get an easier opponent in the second round but at least it puts you in the hat first.  Finishing strong and first also gives the visiting team some fear factor especially if we are able to make the emirates some form of a fortress.


Getting worried for Wilshere in this game, Poldi is out and I have a funny feeling Wilshere is close to pulling something….Arsenals transfer business this season has to be the most talked about subject in world football as the clubs lack of activity, at least activity with incomings is cause for worry. The manager has said all through the window that only special players will be signed. Special players love the Champions league; ask Gareth Bale, there is something about lining up on a pitch on a Tuesday Evening and hearing the Anthem play in your ears. The manager now has an extra item on his Come to Arsenal bag he can hand over to Dick law or whoever handles our transfer business. We have been linked with a lot of outstanding players this summer, to be fair that in itself is a good thing considering the quality of the market we have been shopping in years past. It’s time to actually make this Champions league qualification count for something, Benzema, Ozil, Di Maria, Cabaye all these are players that would love Champions league football and we now have it to offer them. Pay top dollar to drag these players in and the rewards will show definitely in how far we would go in the competition. …the game seems to have dragged into some state of nothingness, and just as I finish a paragraph on signings, Yaya Sanogo comes in, hope he gets a goal.


Playing in the Champions league sure is an extra game but it’s an extra game in an elite competition where a victory there can spur you into greater things in your domestic competition. Nothing makes Stoke seem easy meat than when you have come from a trip in Italy and give AC Milan a heck of a game.  The confidence the players derive from playing in such a competition rubs off on everything surrounding the club and this is the reason why we must stay in it as long as possible. The big clubs in Europe don’t crash out of the competition in the second round three years in a roll. …OH MY WORD!!! What a goal from Aaron Ramsey!! This sure is something, to think we can call his name and a possible hattrick in one sentence is awesome considering how much stick he has gotten in his career.. …..First choice for every Arsenal fan definitely would be the league title as it has been a long time since we have won it or even offered some competition. A great champion’s league run can help us achieve this and this should be the target for the club this season. At least the last time I checked We are THE ARSENAL and we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.


89’ . Ramsey just walked off the pitch , precaution or injury?? hopefully the former….. done with post, doesn’t seem so hard after all. Maybe I’ll try writing about an Arsenal game while watching it next time. Have a great day guys!! #COYG


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