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What!! Jack smoking at the Emirates??

by SimonSEEZ

Resident Blogger : SimonSEEZ

Permit me to tell you a story,

Sometime in 2006 while I was serving my country in Bauchi State, Nigeria, I was young, happy, without any worry in the world, went to have drinks and some Isi-ewu (Nigerian delicacy made from a goat head) with my friends and after a few drinks like it always happens everyone decides to get a little naughty, except me though as I was sipping on my non-alcoholic beverage ….Mrs SEEZ reads the blog…..we don’t want her to know I had a few beers once in my life do we??  So back to the story, everyone was a little tipsy and then we decide to play the game truth or dare, after a few rounds it came to my turn, I was asked a question everyone knew I would rather hang myself than answer so since I wasn’t going to tell the truth, I was DARED to smoke a cigarette, I had never smoked prior to that day and never after hence the reason my friends were going to make me do this, immediately I took the cigarette to my lips, LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!! Pictures were taken and we all laughed about it at the time, actually mine was short lived as immediately I ran into my girl friend at the time (another info Mrs SEEZ didn’t need to read) she had been emailed the picture and I got a stern long lecture as to why I shouldn’t be smoking…women! The question I was asked was about her and I would have been writing this post from heaven if I had answered it…

So you see, I can relate with what Jack Wilshere is going through though our consequences are very different , you have just won a champions league game against a tough Italian opponent, you have been given two days off, hanging out with your buddies, guards are definitely going to be let down. Jack and his agent have come out to say that he didn’t smoke but just held it to his lips when he was dared to do it by a friend. We all know how Jack is, dared to do something does he really look like one that would back down? And more importantly would anyone dare you to do something you naturally would do? Isn’t that the point of the game?

jack wilshere

Wenger rarely ever castigates his players publicly, unlike Mourinho and Mancini so for Wenger to have done it yesterday means he rates the issue rather highly or does he? Maybe it just the English way of holding up everyone to some very high moral grounds

“I disagree completely with that behaviour. I don’t know what happened – I need to chat with him. “The fact that you can damage your health at home, nobody sees it, you as well damage your reputation as an example.“English society is very sensitive to smoking, more than other countries. It is more shocking here. I travelled on coaches to away games in France where you couldn’t see each other!”- Wenger

Wenger admits times have changed from when his days in France but really the English sure have a way of always making a mountain from every issue especially before their International games. Every time England is about to play, you can be certain a story about a player would be making the rounds. If it’s not about Ashley Cole and racism, it’s should Ashley should get his 100th cap after telling the English FA to fuck off and apologizing or Rio Ferdinand in Qatar when England were playing Montenegro, or how Rooney’s contract situation would affect his game for England, then we moved to Kyle Walker and laughing gas after the Moldova game and now it’s Wilshere before the Montenegro game. I have never seen a country so fascinated with tampering with mood in their camp before games and still moan of how poorly they played after the game.

You can just picture this before the game against Montenegro on Friday

Sky Sports Reporter:        Hello Roy, how is Wilshere today

England Manager :          Doing Great , next question?

Daily Mail Reporter:        How his attitude in the camp?

England Manager :          Very great, next question?

The Guardian Reporter:    Any smoking incidences at the camp with Wilshere?

England Manager :          None , next question?

Telegraph Reporter:        Has Captain Gerrad spoken to Wilshere about smoking?

England Manager :           I don’t know, he is concentrating on the game

Daily Star Reporter:         Do you condone smoking by England players?

England Manager :            Oh Fuck off …you only ask me about Players that smoke!! Does a Mourinho ,leaves press room.


Wilshere has tweeted that he doesn’t smoke even though he tweeted a picture of Zidane smoking also which I feel is slightly insulting especially considering Wenger has come out to castigate him for the smoking incident. He is nowhere near Zidane now and when that picture was taken Zizou had already won leagues, World cup and Champions League


Jack is young and has his whole career ahead of him and maybe one day he will be as great as Zidane but for now he has to get back to fitness and start delivering on all the promise we know he has.

To be fair, modern day football expects players to be role models to all the young fans watching them worldwide and their every action on and off the pitch is monitored to reflect whatever attitude they portray. Sponsors demand a certain way of behavior around clubs and club directors are now more than ever mindful of the image the club portrays hence the Wilshere public scolding was not too out of place by Wenger but he who hasn’t sinned, please cast the first stone.


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