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Who is Arsenal’s most important player?

by SimonSEEZ
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Vacation affords you the time to do a whole lot of stuff you naturally do on a weekday like hang out with a few Gooners on a Monday afternoon, turned out to be a really cool time together especially since there isn’t anything to moan about this season. Discussion strayed from our form, to which competition we should prioritize, should Wenger sign a new deal, Spurs (hilarious stuff there) and who is our most important player this season then someone brought up Wilshere’s quote after the win over Southampton

“For someone playing in that position it would have been tough for him to lose his place, but he’s showed great character and, for me, he’s (Giroud) been our best player this season.

Jack Wilshere

Who really is our most important player this season so far? That player who we just couldn’t do without? Do we have even have one considering we have had injuries in almost every position and fared pretty well except in Giroud’s position? My take on the issue was Jack’s statement might have been hinged on that fact that our top striker seems to be our only real striker at the club and has had to put in a solid performance all on his own this term. We all couldn’t agree if we really did have one important player but we all agreed that seemed to be our strength this season, we are hardly dependent one person to put up perpetual outstanding performances for us to get the results we have churned out thus far. wil and oli It hasn’t always been like this though, when Henry was around it was him and you would see that he demanded the ball a lot and almost every play was geared to end on his feet, with the kind of qualities he had it wasn’t a bad thing really, when you have players with the ability he had it’s hard not to want to use it to the maximum. Henry left and we turned to Cesc and afterwards the Dutch ****.  Now we have a whole lot of players who have grown together and the necessary experience, our game seems to have moved from getting it one player to lead technically and have his moment of brilliance that can spark our game.

We did put the question to a vote and I wasn’t at all surprised by the outcome, eleven of us on the table and BFG (3votes), Kos (2), Ramsey (1), Ozil (2), Giroud (1) Wojciech (1).  Not one player with at least half the number of votes, in any other season I am certain there would have been an outright leader. This shows why Arsenal has coped very well with our huge number of injuries as any team in the top six with the number of first team players out we have suffered this season alone would suffer, maybe Chelsea aside. It’s rather strange that we broke our transfer record to sign Ozil and he isn’t our most influential player yet at least, even in Midfield Aaron seems to have stats better than him and this is not saying Ozil is not a great signing or won’t be a hit at Arsenal but Ozil really was the icing on the cake kind of signing rather than the cake itself (does that make sense somewhat???).  Ozil is meant to be our technical leader like Bergkamp was when he played, he seems to be having quiet performances thus far but you only have to look at his record to know he will come good. We decided to check his stats this season on Sqwauka.



http://www.squawka.com/ Graph shows he seems to be on the same level defensively and keeping the ball and there has been a steady deep in how much he did that part of his job, but his attacking chart (blue line) is somewhat of a pendulum. Big money signings come with the added pressure of performance and it was important for Wenger to come out in defence of his player going into the Marseille game today.

“We have plenty of players who can take the ball and play, and because he plays in the central part of the pitch the ball goes through him. But we don’t put any special responsibility on him. “Maybe he feels a bit more pressure to do that. But we just want the game to be played like we see it and we do not put any special responsibility on him. Everybody in our team can deliver great balls.”-wenger- 

The whole team looks really good and it’s nice to know we have lots of technical players on the pitch and leaders everywhere, Sagna, BFG, Arteta, Vermaelen have all worn the band this season already, Wilshere leads with his play on the pitch, Giroud with his link up play and goals, Ramsey with his goals, grit and his skill, Rosicky with the pace of his movement and pass , there is just too much to be glad about and we might not have one player that is our all out and out best player but we sure have a team of really lovely talented guys.

We play in the Champions league today and we it’s important we pick all the points available from Marseille tonight if we intend to finish as group leaders. Wenger’s job today is making the players realize the job hasn’t been done already and we still have to beat a team that hasn’t registered any points thus far, complacency won’t be tolerated and hopefully the result in the Napoli vs Dortmund game would go in a way we might not need all the points from our last game to top the group. There is a lovely preview on the game on www.goonerdaily.wordpress.com


Have a great day Gooners.

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