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I know its been a few days but I just can’t get Arsenal demolishing Napoli out of my head. It’s almost as if we have a few decent players in our team. Who knew? For the first 30 minutes on Tuesday, we were reminded of showtime football which got me really excited. But I cautioned myself, its still early days, we could still crash out of the group, mathematically, but truth is I genuinely don’t think so. The defensive cohesion and focus of this team convinces me we can see a game through. Answer me this… When last did we go one-nil up and you didn’t feel we’d win the game? Was that the case last season?

Despite what Wenger said in the past, I feel like this time he believes we have a strong shout in every competition we partake in. And its not just him, his players too.

A lot would give credit to Özil(and he sure deserves it), but Ramsey, Flamini and Mertesacker deserve as much accolade.
Ramsey, by now, needs no introduction. With his workman-like engine, new-found composure on the ball, Ljunberg-esque arrivals to the box, and goals, his improvement is quite noticeable.


Flamini, on the other hand does the job many don’t really see. The dirty job, some may call it. But, brethren, he has been immense.

“win the ball and pass to more creative players” – Wenger’s instructions to Flamini

And boy, does he do just that, as evidenced in the build up to the second goal against Napoli. Its almost as if he has something to prove. How often have we seemed vulnerable to counter-attacks this season? How often do opposition players try to bully us these days? The FA sent a letter to Flamini warning him about future comments on the pitch cos of what he said to Marc Wilson after fouling Wilshere one too many times in the game against Stoke.

“Touch Jack again and I’ll blind you” – Flamini to Marc Wilson

Who does that? Wouldn’t you want to go to war with this guy…

Not Giroud, not Ramsey, not even Özil, but Mertesacker is the player Arsenal just can’t afford to lose at the moment. His leadership and organisational skills are elements this team cannot do without. He gets in the ears of players after sloppy plays and encourages them after great ones. He’s a captain, our most important player. We couldn’t even afford to rest him in the COCup game against WestBrom, that’s how important he is, that big fucking German

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